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Fwd: ISS will be visible for 2 days - and it should be clear

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  • Don Surles
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2010

      here is the time for you to see the ISS tonight and tomorrow night from zip code 19977...and a link for you to find the time for your zipper code...


        All times displayed are local.
      There were 23 results.
      Viewing: Smyrna, Delaware (39.3 lat., -75.6 long.)
      DateSatelliteRise timeDirection to lookTransit timeMax elevationMagnitude
      04/29/2010ISS09:12:31 pmWSW09:14:58pm62.7-3.7
      04/29/2010Envisat09:37:04 pmE09:41:23pm27.43.9
      04/29/2010MetOp-A09:47:49 pmSSE09:53:08pm68.03.2
      04/29/2010Envisat11:17:40 pmW11:21:52pm34.43.4
      04/30/2010ISS08:04:19 pmS08:06:19pm35.7-2.7
      04/30/2010MetOp-A09:26:46 pmESE09:31:49pm43.73.9
      04/30/2010Envisat10:45:59 pmWSW10:51:09pm69.82.2
      05/01/2010ISS08:27:47 pmWSW08:30:13pm57.3-3.6
      05/01/2010MetOp-A09:05:43 pmESE09:09:46pm29.04.8
      05/01/2010Envisat10:14:17 pmESE10:19:23pm59.72.4
      05/01/2010MetOp-A10:47:04 pmWSW10:51:26pm34.64.4
      05/02/2010Envisat09:42:37 pmE09:46:37pm30.73.7
      05/02/2010MetOp-A10:26:01 pmSSW10:31:16pm54.23.5
      05/02/2010Envisat11:23:12 pmW11:27:15pm30.53.7
      05/03/2010MetOp-A10:04:57 pmS10:10:20pm84.43.0
      05/03/2010Envisat10:51:32 pmWSW10:56:40pm61.32.3
      05/04/2010MetOp-A09:43:54 pmSSE09:49:12pm63.13.3
      05/04/2010UARS10:06:40 pmWNW10:09:04pm38.11.2
      05/04/2010Envisat10:19:50 pmESE10:24:58pm67.82.2
      05/05/2010UARS09:09:12 pmNNW09:11:30pm41.91.0
      05/05/2010MetOp-A09:22:51 pmESE09:27:20pm40.74.1
      05/05/2010Envisat09:48:10 pmE09:52:19pm34.53.4
      05/05/2010Envisat11:28:45 pmW11:33:07pm27.04.0

    • Paul Riley
      Don, Is it gonna be dark enuf at 8PM to see? Pj
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 30, 2010
        Is it gonna be dark enuf at 8PM to see?

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