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Fw: Astro trivia - answers tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Don R Surles
    Just reminding you that we will have answers to the trivia below tomorrow night... Also, I will have some Raoyal Astronomical Society of Canada calendars for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008

      Just reminding you that we will have answers to the trivia below tomorrow night...

      Also, I will have some Raoyal Astronomical Society of Canada calendars for $12.50 each.

      See you at Mallard Lodge between 6:30 & 7:00PM.

      The weather forecast says it will be clear...so we will have a scope for some after meeting viewing of the firmament.


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      Don R Surles/AE/DuPont

      11/19/2008 12:09 PM

      Astro trivia

      Believe it or not...this is the last month of Fall 2008 and I submit this trivia  quiz relating to Fall astronomy.

      I will divulge the answers during our Dec 2 meeting.

      In the meantime please Google away to find the correct answers at your own pace.

      And if you come up with a new trivia question please email it to the group.  We all need to learn ery-day.


      Astronomy Trivia –  Fall Constellations

      There are five very small constellations visible in the Fall in the vicinity of Aquila and Cygnus.   Name them.  

      Name the smallest constellation in the Northern Hemisphere

      Name the smallest constellation in the Southern Hemishpere.  

      Name the last constellation in alphabetical order.  

      What is unusual about the names of the stars Sualocin and Rotanev in the constellation Delphinus?  

      What is a “lucida”?  

      There are many constellations containing a star named “Deneb”…what is the meaning of Deneb?  

      Precession of the Equinoxes… 26000 year wobble cycle of Earth’s axis…Hair…a harmonious blending of science and humanity, all of mankind living in peace…this is the Age of ________.  

      What is the southernmost 1st magnitude star visible from mid-northern latitudes in Fall?  

      What is the meaning of “Enif”?  

      And the beautiful globular cluster that seems to be a “puff of misty breath from Enif” is M__.  

      What are the circles that define the limiting latitudes for the phenomenon known as the “midnight sun”?  

      A star that once was part of Pegasus and now officially has been moved to Andromeda is known as “the navel of the horse” or Al Surrat al Faras or _________________.  
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