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observations from bac o de bus

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  • Don R Surles
    Yep, the seasons are changing. It is now dark on de bus and I needed a jacket this morning. The bus is full...47 people. Your tax dollars are at work
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008

      Yep, the seasons are changing.  It is now dark on de bus and I needed a jacket this morning.  

      The bus is full...47 people.  Your tax dollars are at work providing comfortable, cozy, reliable, inexpensive, and safe transportation for your fellow men and women.

      Your tax dollars are also improving the safety of our roads by taking 47 cars off the road - and by taking 45 sleepy drivers from behind the wheel (I am awake and I hope the driver is awake; everyone else is asleep...47-2 = 45).

      As we passed the nuclear power generating station it was sending smoke signals...little puffs of steam from the cooling tower that looked like morse code as it marched across the sky.  Dot, dot, dash dot...

      Interpretation (I read morse code very well from bac o de bus): "Electricity rates are gonna rise".

      And as day breaks I can see we have a plethora of hair styles on the 301 bus this morning.

      There is long hair, short hair, no hair (sorry, guys); we have black, white, grey, multi-colored - as in rainbow, but no redheads - I guess the Irish and Scots are boycotting us this morning.  We have weaves, braids, cornrows, extensions, wigs, and do-rags(only she knows what's under that).

      As we begin to let people off the bus it becomes apparent that none of our passengers were winners on "The Biggest Loser".  There are several who could pass for Re-Run and give Miss Piggy a close race for rotundness.

      Another observation:  If somone would invent a bus with slides like motor homes have so that when the bus stops it automatically increases it's width about 2 feet the isle would be a bit more negotiable for our endowed passengers.  Just don't lower the ceiling...I can walk without bumping my head - but we have is a gentleman who is 6'9" - now, that old boy has to duck.

      Til next time - keep your Naglers dry.

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