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final review for Mirror Making #8

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  • Don R Surles
    All Star Gazers who want to support the Mirror Making #8 event.... We will meet at my house this Saturday, March 8, 10:00 AM, for a final review of plans for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2008

      All Star Gazers who want to support the Mirror Making #8 event....

      We will meet at my house this Saturday, March 8,  10:00 AM, for a final review of plans for our MidAtlantic Mirror Making #8 weekend.  

      We need to coordinate the:

      1) setup of Mallard Lodge including
              removing furniture,
              covering floors,
              assembling grinding tables,
              assembling the testing tunnel,
              set up of testing equipment

      2) confirm tools will be available...drill motors, wrenches, etc

      3) arrange for transport of supplies

              lap making equipment
              food & drink

      4) coordinate house keeping during the event...we need a clean and safe environment

      5) Coordinate the takedown, cleanup and storage of equipment

      6) Coordinate the cleanup and re-placing furniture in Mallard Lodge

      7) Plans for meals...

              the ladies will handle lunch and dinner
              we need to handle breakfasts and the Saturday fishfry

      8) Need a commitment by person by day of assistance...be prepared to commit...you will enjoy the experience

      And I am sure there will be additional topics for general discussion.

      After we are comfortable we have the MMM#8 logistics covered there will be a test batch of Manhattan Clam Chowder for our enjoyment.

      Come and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow Star Gazers; your support of MMM#8 will be greatly appreciated and I am sure you will enjoy every minute of Amateur Astronomy at it's best.

      My address is:

              514 Marilyn Road
              Smyrna, DE 19977

      My phone number is 302-653-9445

      See you Saturday morning.   Call or email if you need instructions...or Google Map me!


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