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Re: At the observatory!

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  • kentblackwell
    All I can say, after hearing you re using an 8 Alvin Clark & Sons refractor is envy, envy, envy! Kent Blackwell ... setting ... eyes ... turned ... So ... C8.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2007
      All I can say, after hearing you're using an 8" Alvin Clark & Sons
      refractor is envy, envy, envy!

      Kent Blackwell

      --- In delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com, "Charles Wood Jr.(CJ)"
      <hotmid6@...> wrote:
      > Yay! It was finally a clear Friday that I could go to the
      > observatory!!!
      > While in the car I was just thinking the dreadful thoughts,
      > Wow....light polluted Baltimore. With the moon, it's going to be so
      > bright I'll have to stab my eyes. When I arrived, the sun was
      > and the scope had the h-alpha setup, so I didn't have to stab my
      > just yet(never got the chance). While it was still bright, we
      > the scope to Venus. They didn't have a violet reduction filter...it
      > was definately a purple mess. I'm glad I brought my eyepiece case!
      > I put mine on and it was much better, they were all pleased.
      > As soon as it was dark, the dome was crowded with people. The line
      > for saturn went from the eyepiece, up and around the giant EQ, and
      > down the stairs . They had a few guys in the dome so I went outside
      > and I took control of the observatory's other scope, a black tube
      > I first had the moon in for a while then M42 with my lumicon OIII.
      > All I can say, is that it looked like crap. All I could see is the
      > bright main trapezium region then the bright, strong arm. Nothing
      > else, Nada.....YUCK!!!! They all loved it and said it was the best
      > view they ever had....While I was trying to find a knife....
      > By the time everyone had a peak, the dome was empty and they wanted
      > suggestions. So I said "NGC2392", they handed me the controls and
      > PC and I had total control for the rest of the night. We were
      > issues with the drives since the control buttons were sticking. But
      > found the Eskimo no problem, just in a minute(they were suprised I
      > found it that quick). So I put on my ultrablock filter and had a
      > great view despite the light pollution. After that I slewed up M35,
      > By that time more people came and then the scope stopped tracking
      > they had to fix that, so I went back out with the C8 and showed
      > everyone Castor and M42(different crowd, so I wanted them to see
      > By the time we were done talking and enjoying the view, the big
      > refractor was running again on saturn. So I went in and pushed the
      > mag to 447x. It was gorgeous, Really handled the power well
      > considering the seeing conditions. Cassini division was clear and
      > was the shadows from the rings, bands and detail was great too.
      > Everyone enjoyed the view, 857x was a little to much though :laugh:
      > but awesome. It was getting later and we were just talking and not
      > really looking in the eyepiece much really. So then I suggested
      > we close the night with M3. So I did a quick slew and found it
      > seconds. It was faint, but resolvable. I don't think they even
      > observed that before...most of the guys never seen it.
      > So we closed at that, It was a pretty fun despite the horrific
      > Talked a bit, taught everyone something, and had a good time. We
      > ended up using my eyepieces over theirs . I think they're going to
      > buy some new eyepieces and filters after tonight....
      > For those who doesn't know what scope it is, It's an 8" F/15 Clark
      > Refractor. It's a beast too, 144" long I believe and it has 3,000FL!
      > Here's some pics, My camera doesn't like taking pics without
      > flash...but oh well.
      > http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/zoeytycoony/DSCF0794.jpg
      > http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/zoeytycoony/DSCF0790.jpg
      > http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/zoeytycoony/DSCF0787.jpg
      > http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/zoeytycoony/DSCF0780.jpg
      > http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/zoeytycoony/DSCF0779.jpg
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