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  • Joshua Zimmerman
    Yeah - after looking at the forecast - I decided to view the event away from the beach. - I can t imagine how windy it must have been! - I agree that after
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 15, 2006
      Yeah - after looking at the forecast - I decided to view the event away from the beach. - I can't imagine how windy it must have been! - I agree that after sunrise, the view diminished quite rapidly and yes, part of that could have have been due to various obstructions in the eye including sand, dust and flying cows.

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      Date: Wed Mar 15 07:19:56 CST 2006
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      The Wind Blew...and Blew and Blew.  Thenit really got windy!

      I must admit I was a late arrival atWoodland Beach.  Karen and I had some miscommunication about dinnerand eclipse viewing.  She had dinner ready when I arrived home at5:45 so I had to pretend I was hungry (for food) and I ate while the moonwas readying itself for stage-center showtime at 6:00.  

      I left home at 6:00 and watched themoon rise over eastern DE as I made my way to the Delaware River and WoodlandBeach.  I had a 40 MPH tailwind so the drive was fast and easy.  Andthe moon was simply gorgeous as it rose above the edge of night that wascreeping up from the horizon.

      Upon arrival I found Lyle, Jim Acker,Ron Zink, Jerry Truitt, and George???? braving the river winds that forsome reason are stronger than the Smyrna land winds (Smyrna land windsare normally near hurricane force in March).

      I expected the eclipse to improve butwas disappointed as the faint shadow that was so obvious at moonrise slowlydisappeared.  There was a direct correlation between the lesseningof the shadow and our resolve to continue to brave the Gale-Force DelawareRiver Winds and the occasional shower of sand in the eyes.  So, lessthan an hour after my arrival I was packing up the 25X100 Chairman Maobino and making my way back to the relative calm of 514 Marilyn Road inSmyrna.  Let's hope for Better Views during the next eclipse.  Thegroup of Stargazers. or MoonGazers,  made the trip interesting.  Weneed to do more of this in the future - which means less Lazyboy activities.

      See you under the clear Spring Skiesof Bombay Hook March 24-25 & Mar 31-Apr 1.


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      I showed up to Woodland Beach at5:30 to let my son run around. He had an absolute blast. But the wind keptgetting worse and the temperature kept dropping. It was too much for himand a little too much for me. We saw Jim Acker, Ron Zink, Jerry Truittbefore we left. Tyler did not want to leave but he was freezing. I watchedthe eclipse on my way home. It must have been nice from the beach. Hopeyou all had fun.
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