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Re: Anacortes

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  • mark_oneal
    I could have saved you some time and effort. Never buy anything from Epson. It s all garbage...... Mark ... related. ... CX4600 ... have ... printing a ...
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 15, 2005
      I could have saved you some time and effort. Never buy anything from
      Epson. It's all garbage......


      --- In delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com, Don R Surles <Don.R.Surles-
      1@u...> wrote:
      > I have an experience that isn't quite as rosy - and not astronomy
      > I gave my wife a new IMac for Christmas and with it a new Epson
      > color printer, copier, & scanner combo unit. Since Christmas we
      > probably printed less than 100 pages with it. And it just quit
      printing a
      > couple of weeks ago.
      > I read the manual, did all the hoop jumping, a couple of magic
      > incantations and some pixie dust to make it print again and had no
      > success. So I called Epson's Helpless line and spent 1.5 hours
      > distance to find out that my print head was not functioning
      > knew that when I called them!
      > The resource insisted I buy a new set of print cartridges ($35.00)
      > test the printhead again. This solution did not bring the printer
      back to
      > life. So I called the Helpless line again and repeated my story.
      > time they agreed to send me a Refurbed unit but I had to agree to
      have a
      > charge of $89.00 put on my credit card and return the old unit
      within 7
      > days. This call was only 45 minutes.
      > I tried to tell these folks that I did not want to buy a second
      printer to
      > replace the one that was under warranty and this was no way to
      treat their
      > customer. I lost the argument. They did ship a refurbed unit.
      After an
      > hour of unpacking the new printer, removing the old one, and
      > the new one I found the XXXXXXXX thing would not come to life.
      > "wonderful" Apple computer identified the problem as releated to
      > connectivity. So, to rule out a cable problem I put the old unit
      back in
      > service (this involves replacing ink cartridges, parking the head,
      > WAITING...). The old unit came to life when the computer said
      print but
      > it still did not put ink on the paper.
      > I called the helpless line again and an 2 hours later we identified
      > problem as just a reboot of the Epson Print Driver.
      > Karen is up and running again, the old printer has been returned,
      and we
      > will see if I am charged $89.00 when the CC invoice arrives.
      > And I don't want any more of Epson's warranty or help.
      > Don...
      > "Jim Rosenstock" <jrosenstock@e...>
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      > 08/13/2005 03:55 PM
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      > [delmarvastargazers] Re: Anacortes
      > Mark,
      > Sometimes the mark of a good business is how they react when things
      > don't go quite right. Sounds like Anacortes got an A+ on their
      > follow-up with you.
      > I've used Anacortes for some years now, due to their sponsorship of
      > Astromart. Since I've never had any trouble with any of my
      > from them, I've never had an opportunity to test their product
      > support or commitment to customer satisfaction...but I'm not at all
      > surprised by your experience.
      > When a company gives me bad service, I'm not shy about letting
      > know....but it's also important to let the world know about the
      > righteous operations...
      > Along similar lines, I ordered a pair of 15X70 binoculars a couple
      > years ago from Oberwerk (bigbinoculars.com). I was a little
      > disappointed at "ghost images" when viewing the first-quarter Moon,
      > though other views (star fields, clusters, etc) were fine. I
      > Kevin Busarow, the company owner, and without further prompting, he
      > shipped a second pair out to me, along with a return UPS shipping
      > label. The replacements were on my doorstep in two days, and I
      > shipped the bad pair back in the same box! No return shipping
      > charges, no waiting for the bad pair to arrive back at Oberwerk
      > before shipping the new pair...all it cost me was 2 days' (errr,
      > nights') time. [The new pair was just fine, BTW]
      > There are some businesses that still understand how customer
      > is earned!
      > Clear skies,
      > Jim
      > --- In delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com, "mark_oneal"
      > <mark_oneal@y...> wrote:
      > > I want to mention a happy experience with Anacortes to an EP
      > problem
      > > that I had. I had bought a 2" BW-Optik 30mm 80deg EP from them
      > about a
      > > year and a half ago. It's a fine EP for the $99 price tag and I
      > it
      > > a lot. However stars directly in the center of the FOV were
      > out
      > > of focus. I assumed that I was picking up the secondary in my
      > reflector
      > > and just decided to live with it as it wasn't that bad. However
      > > recently I was looking through the EP during the daytime in a
      > refractor
      > > and noticed that there was a fuzzy patch directly in the center.
      > It's
      > > defective! I sent an email to Anacortes asking if they could put
      > in
      > > touch with the manufacturer. I never received a reply but
      > a
      > > brand new replacement EP showed up in the mail free of charge. It
      > works
      > > much better. Not too shabby!
      > >
      > >
      > > Mark
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