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Forward of NASA GSFC lecture series

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  • Tim Milligan
    Dear Friends, Following the warm reception our Eyes on the Sky series received this spring, we are hosting another exciting set of lectures this summer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
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      Dear Friends,

      Following the warm reception our "Eyes on the Sky" series received
      spring, we are hosting another exciting set of lectures this summer
      entitled "Robotic Space Exploration: Moon, Mars and Beyond." This
      will feature three world class robotics experts and is being held
      conjunction with Goddard's newly founded NASA Robotics Internship

      The first lecture is coming up very soon! It's next Wednesday, July
      6 at
      7:30 PM in the NASA Goddard Visitor Center Auditorium. Dr. Paul
      from JPL will be speaking on "The Challenges and Excitement of Space
      Robotics: Exploring the Solar SYstem". See below for details.

      The set up and registration system is very similar to "Eyes on the
      You can obtain more information about it on the robotics website at

      Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to remove
      name from this list. I am looking forward to seeing all of you again.
      Have a great holiday weekend!

      Lubna Rana

      Office of Higher Education
      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

      Ph: 301-296-2893
      Email: LRana@...
      Robotic Space Exploration Public Lecture Series July 6 – July 28,

      Upcoming Lecture
      The Challenges and Excitement of Space Robotics:
      Exploring the Solar System

      Dr. Paul S. Schenker
      NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
      Pasadena, California

      7:30 PM, Wednesday, July 6
      NASA Goddard Visitor Center Auditorium

      Reservations & Info:
      Please RSVP online to reserve a spot.
      Appropriate for high school level and above.

      Space robotics is a remarkable, expanding new frontier of
      the moon, to Mars, and beyond. Far distant from earth, such robots
      in extremes of hot and cold, in unpredictable and often very rough
      environments. Communication with earth operators is rare and robots
      have on-board perception, navigation, and control skills. Future
      exploration will encompass not only the Mars surface, but also that
      of the
      earth moon, distant moons of other planets, utilizing aerial,
      surface, and
      sub-surface mobile platforms of increasing computer intelligence.
      designs will include multiple cooperating robot teams and human-
      telerobotic systems, in which robots will perform increasingly human-
      tasks. We will describe these developments, and the exciting future
      pose for both engineering innovation and science understanding.

      Short Biographical Sketch
      Dr. Paul S. Schenker is Manager, Robotics Space Exploration
      Program, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of
      Technology, Pasadena, California. His responsibilities encompass the
      strategic development of technical capabilities for future NASA
      robotic and
      human-robotic missions. His prior assignments at JPL include
      manager of
      JPL's mobility/robotics line organization of about 100 people,
      of two related robotics groups, and principal investigator for many
      projects spanning advanced teleoperation, telerobotic dexterous
      autonomous mobility, multi-robot systems, and medical robotics. He
      authored about 130 papers in these technical areas and has
      contributed to
      several major NASA missions through this work, including the
      operative Mars Exploration Rovers. Dr. Schenker is a member of the
      IEEE, OSA, and SPIE, and an elected Fellow and 1999 President of the
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