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  • Jerry Truitt
    Toby I don t think you ll find anyone in our club who would disagree with Keith. Try some scopes first. On our web site, you ll see out reach events listed. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2005
      Toby I don't think you'll find anyone in our club who would
      disagree with Keith. Try some scopes first.
      On our web site, you'll see out reach events listed. We give a
      short talk, then go out, and use our telescopes in a learning type
      of atmosphere. This would be a great place to start.
      The Star Gaze will also be a great opportunity to see many
      different scopes. You'll also have an opportunity to talk to many
      experienced astronomers at this event.
      In addition, at our March meeting Doug Norton is planning to
      share some of his experience with double stars. If the weather is
      good, we're planning to have some scopes set up for members to view
      some double stars.
      Lastly, I always recommend Binoculars as an excellent optical
      instrument to start viewing the stars. You'll want a tripod for
      steady viewing but you'll be amazed at what even a small increase
      in magnification can add to your viewing pleasure. The wide field of
      view is also a big plus for binoculars.
      Check out yard sales and pawn shops for a good inexpensive pair
      of specs. Any pair will do, 7x50s can usually be picked up cheap.
      Try www.heartlandamerica.com look under binoculars, Barska
      Gladiators 12-36x70 for $79. I got a pair and they work great. They
      zoom from 12 power to 36, I can see the rings around Saturn, the
      moons around Jupiter and excellent views of clusters and nebula with
      Please don't think that binoculars are just for beginners, I
      still use mine every time I observe. I always enjoy the wide field
      view and lot is to be said for using both eyes.
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