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Delaware Science Olympiad. Astronomy Team

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  • Calixto Estrada
    Hi Folks Anybody have time and energy to coach a team of Science Olympiad kids on the topic of Astronomy ? See note and *.pdf Thanks  Cal ... From: Calixto
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2012
    Hi Folks

    Anybody have time and energy to coach a team of Science Olympiad kids on the topic of Astronomy ?

    See note and *.pdf

    Thanks  Cal

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    Subject: Fw: Delmarva Star Gazers Outreach Contacts

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    Subject:Fw: Delmarva Star Gazers Outreach Contacts

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    Cc:Erica M Redline/AE/DuPont@DuPont, Jeffrey A Chambers/AE/DuPont@DuPont
    Date:04/02/2012 02:35 PM
    Subject:Re: Delmarva Star Gazers Outreach Contacts


    The Delaware Science Olympiad middle school team is looking for a mentor/coach on the subject of astronomy. The attached file gives a description of the event that they will be competing in on May 18.The team consists of 15 science interested middle school students from the HB DuPont middle school. A subteam of two students will be participating in the activity at the national competition next month. They are looking for someone who will be able to commit an hour or two per week at a local library to help them learn about the subjects listed in the attachment. Is this something that one of you would be interested in participating in? If not, is there someone in the Demarva Stargazers who would like to help?

    If you have questions your best contact is Jeff Chambers who is copied on this email.

    Evan Standish

    From:Calixto Estrada/AE/DuPont
    To:Evan Standish/AE/DuPont@DuPont
    Cc:don.surles@..., truittjs@..., chuckjennings33@...
    Date:04/02/2012 02:00 PM
    Subject:Delmarva Star Gazers Outreach Contacts

    Hi Evan

    Don Surles, Jerry Truitt, and Chuck Jennings.of the Delmarva Star Gazers are the folks to talk to about an Outreach Program.

    Send them a note describing your  event, perhaps one of them or someone else in the DSG can be of assistance.

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