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Delmarva Stargaze Due to illness in the family I will more than likely not be able to attend the star party in April. Don't think Kent doesn't still loves you though. Kent
6:50 AM
Re: Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014 Kent...Some people are just plain lucky. See you at the Delmarva Star Gaze 2014. We have a hot dog cooking for you. And bring those pics. Don... Sent from my
Don Surles
Apr 16
Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014 It was cloudy here in Virignia Beach, VA as well but low and behold the clouds parted occassionally for some brief viewing and photo opps. I had my 4"
Apr 16
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eclipse photos since we were clouded out last night here is a link to EarthSky and some beautiful pics of the eclipseà donà
Don Surles
Apr 15
Re: Lunar eclipse non-viewing???? ... NOAA Sky cover report for middle Delaware says 88% at 11AM, 97% at 2AM, 100% at 5AM. So there is a 10% chance of a break.
Michael Lecuyer
Apr 14
Lunar eclipse non-viewing???? Folks...the lunar eclipse will happen in a few hours. There is a very good chance that we will be totally clouded out. However...I am planning to be at
Don Surles
Apr 14
May Newsletter If'n you got something for YOUR newsletter, pls send to : dmsg_pjr@...   DO NOT HIT REPLY (esp. you Lyle !)  Use the link above instead   Pj If'n you
Paul Riley
Apr 14
8th Annual Delaware Space Grant Research Symposium, Friday, April 11 Dear All, If you are planning on attending the 8th Annual Delaware Space Grant Research Symposium at Delaware State University tomorrow, please note that the
Tom Smolinski
Apr 10
Re: Mars... [1 Attachment] Anthony is one of the best planetary imagers along with Chris Go and Damian Peach that are out there. Do a search on their names and check out their websites.
James Willinghan
Apr 9
Mars... Here is a photo of Mars taken yesterday from Australia with a 16" scope...by amateur Anthony Wesley. He knows something about photography I have never learned.
Don Surles
Apr 9
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DSLR astrophotography gear for sale I have decided to sell my astrophotography gear to finance the purchase of ServoCat and ArgoNavis for my 18" dob. I was out observing a few weekends ago with
Chris Todd
Apr 7
Fwd: agenda for April 1st meeting Please make plans to attend our April 2014 monthly meeting tomorrow night. We have a lot of astronomical topics to talk about...see you there. See below for
Don Surles
Mar 31
MMS 14 and mirror coating road trip I am planning a trip to Majestic Coatings in New Jersey to have mirrors aluminized. Questions and requests should be sent to mms2014@.... Quite a
Michael Lecuyer
Mar 31
agenda for April 1st meeting Here is the Agenda for Tuesday Night's meetingàApril 1, 2014, First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall...118 W Commerce St, Smyrna, DE 19977. See you there.
Don Surles
Mar 30
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8th Annual Delaware Space Grant Research Symposium at DSU Hello, First of all, let me say that I am very sorry I missed the mirror-making workshop.  I was completely swamped last week (including the weekend), and
Tom Smolinski
Mar 26
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April 15 Lunar Eclipse Here is the specific timing for the April 15 Lunar Eclipse for Dover, DE. This begins shortly after midnight, i.e., early Tuesday morning. See you at Woodland
Don Surles
Mar 25
April Newsletter The Internet Gremlins are trying to git me..... The April issue of The Star Gazer News is available for download. Members can download here:
Paul Riley
Mar 25
Re: tonight ... On Wed, 3/19/14, Don Surles wrote: Subject: [delmarvastargazers] tonight To: delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com Date: Wednesday,
Paul Riley
Mar 25
tonight Please remember our pre-MMM#14 dinner at the Smyrna Diner - tonight at 7:30. See you there. Donà
Don Surles
Mar 19
MMM#14 Mallard Lodge opens at 12:30PM today. Please stop by and lend a hand to make this one the best yet. Help is needed the entire timeàso an hour or two of your
Don Surles
Mar 19
Re: MMM#14 Darn I'm going to miss this! Have fun everyone. Aiming for next year. Bob
Bob bunge
Mar 18
Re: MMM#14 I'll meet you all at the diner after I pick up Steve from the airport. See you guys soon!! Sent from my iPhone
Chuck Jennings
Mar 18
compromised email My apologies to everyone who received junk from my hotmail account. I have now left hotmail and set up a new (and hopefully more secure) email account at
Mar 18
MMM#14 Dennis and I moved the truckload of equipment from my basement to the garage this morning in preparation for moving it to Mallard Lodge on Wednesday. If you
Don Surles
Mar 16
Gregory http://www.pensionparis.com/eii/ofchanu.skrgf
Mar 15
April Newsletter It's time to submit your stuff for inclusion in the next issue of Star Gazer News   send you articles , photos, whatever to:  dmsg_pjr@...   Don't
Paul Riley
Mar 14
newspapers for MMM#14…IMPORTANT! Star GazersàI forgot to ask that you not recycle your newspapersà We need them for Mirror Making #14! So, please bring your newspapers to Mallard Lodgeàthey
Don Surles
Mar 14
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Re: [delmarvastargazers] pie or pi or 3.1416 or π nah…its just plain ol "option + p" on a MAC "Option + p" = π don… ... nah…its just plain ol "option + p" on a MAC "Option + p" = π don… On Mar 11,
Don Surles
Mar 11
Re: [delmarvastargazers] pie or pi or 3.1416 or π Thought 22/7 always made more sense! Bill Sent from my iPhone ... Thought 22/7 always made more sense! Bill Sent from my iPhone On Mar 11, 2014, at 10:47 AM,
WC Ellis
Mar 11
Re: [delmarvastargazers] pie or pi or 3.1416 or π You get the most bang for the dollar with a Raspberry Pi!!!  It is just a matter of taste. "The RPi took around 13 seconds to calculate 1500 digits, my i7
Mar 11
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