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Sept-Oct newsletter

The next issue of Star Gazer News is available for download: Members can download here... http://delmarvastargazers.org/newsletter/news2015/sep2015news.pdf
Paul Riley
Aug 23

Re: Nearby Dark Sites?

Blackbird forest-check our website for location. Bombay road going into Bombay hook wildlife area that where I may go ( off route 9) near the intersect with
Aug 12

Nearby Dark Sites?

 Any suggestions for nearby places that are relatively dark and would be good for viewing the Perseids?  I'm hoping not too far from the Smyrna/Dover area.
Matt Bobrowsky
Aug 12


Ifn you have ANYTHING for inclusion of the next issue of the Star Gazer News, pls send to dmsg_pjr@... Sent especially to you from Pj
Paul Riley
Aug 9

Re: Trap Pond in August

Yes Sent from my iPhone
Aug 8

Re: Trap Pond in August

Am I reading this correctly, it's $5 per day for members and $10 per day for non-members? So, $10 for two nights for members? Fred On 08/02/15,
Aug 7

Interesting article

I came across this article and decided to read it. It's about wether the universe that we see is real or if it's some kind of simulation that someone or
Aug 3

Trap Pond in August

The Delmarva Stargazers are having another viewing session at Trap Pond State Park the weekend of August 14th Any current member of the Stargazers can view at
Aug 2

Re: 9-inch dobsonian tube

I'll measure the size when I get back in town this coming weekend and let you know.
Joe Morris
Jul 29

Re: 9-inch dobsonian tube

Hey joe. That sounds great. Let me know how much you want for it. Or if you're just looking to get rid of it. Either way I'm interested in finding a tube.
Jul 28

Re: 9-inch dobsonian tube

I'm out of town for the week but believe I have a 10" Sonatube. If you want one for an 8" mirror, it should be in a 10" tube. Joe
Joe Morris
Jul 26

9-inch dobsonian tube

Does anyone have or know someone who has a 9-inch dobsonian tube? I am willing to pay for it and I have no problem coming to pick it up. Please let me know.
Jul 26

Re: Digest Number 3447

More Information here: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/kepler-discovers-earths-closest-cousin-yet-0723201545/?et_mid=771005&rid=246914649 Fred On
Jul 24

Re: Digest Number 3447

Of course it depends on what you mean by earth-like.  In this case, it means that the planet is roughly the size of the earth (1.6 x Earth's diameter) and it
Matt Bobrowsky
Jul 24

Why it's difficult to get excited...

News that NASA has found an "earth like planet" should be exciting...but when you read the details, ie, if there are any real details...leaves me disappointed.
Don Surles
Jul 23
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