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  • Don Surles
    Mar 1, 2011
    If you are reading this message then you survived February 2011.

    March is here! Spring cannot be far behind.

    This is the day we ran home from school, took off our shoes and socks and ran barefooted around the farm in NC.

    This is the time we would go "horse fishing"...the carp run up the freshwater creeks in late winter in eastern NC. Instead of trying to catch them with a hook and line we would use a light at night to spot them in the creeks and "gig" them with a frog gig. They were a boney fish - 5 to 10 lbs each; but when fried under a tobacco barn shelter along with some hushpuppies they tasty.

    AND...TONITE is the nite of our March meeting.

    See you there!

    Oh, here is handheld shot of the moon and Venus conjunction this morning...they were about 5-6 degrees apart.