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9137Re: [delmarvastargazers] Stargazing in Black Bird State Forest AKA New Buggy Tavern

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  • Don Surles
    Jul 2, 2010
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      Greg...here are the directions i give to people to finds the BBSF parking lot...from north of Smyrna...

      take DE 1 to the North Smyrna Exit to US 13 south...turn right at the 1st traffic light for approx 3/4 mile - you will see Van-Dyke Green Spring Road to your right...follow Van Dyke Green spring road across the RR tracks to the 2nd crossroads (this is Dexter's Corner)...turn left onto Harvey Straughn Road...after you make the obviously sharp curve to your left you will see a sign that says Oak Hill School Road (to your left)...this is your clue to start looking for the BBSF parking lot on your right...if you go to Oaak Hill School Road you have gone too far...turn around and find the parking lot...there are some short utility poles, about 2-3 feet  high,  marking the driveway.

      google maps has it here...

      you may want to email the regulars for their cell # next time...tonight???


      On Jul 2, 2010, at 10:57 AM, Gregory J. Lee wrote:


      Where, exactly, is the Blackbird site?  I went to a spot along Harvey Straughn Rd but it was obviously the wrong place.  I drove around other Forest Service parking spots but never found you guys.  Help!
      Greg Lee

      To: delmarvastargazers@ yahoogroups. com
      From: karen-jennings@hotmail.com
      Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 20:46:07 -0400
      Subject: [delmarvastargazers ] Stargazing in Black Bird State Forest AKA New Buggy Tavern

      Observation notes from last night, stargazing in Black Bird State Forest, AKA "New Buggy Tavern" (ask President Truitt about the name! ha!):
      I finally observed NGC 6210 planetary nebula in Hercules "The Space Turtle", thanks to Mr. Michael Borgia and his beautiful C11 with goto! It was small, brighter than I expected, and a beautiful peridot green color. It's hard for me to know for sure if I observed differences in shape, or if I am engaging in a Gestalt like response, inferring the shape of the object (pictures from ref materials) onto the actual observed image. I feel that way when I look at M51 too, am I really seeing arms in those hazy waves around that bright center? I think "we are going to need a bigger boat" to really make sure! ha! Monster Dob time!   
      Michael also found my second item of interest, NGC 6572 planetary nebula in Ophiuchus "The Blue Raquetball". It was small, but really popped when I used averted vision, and had a pretty cornflower blue color.
      I felt so guilty for "cheating" and asking Michael to help me find these objects. To be honest, I am sure I passed over them a million times trying to find them. I am a beginner, and determined to learn the sky, so my lesson last night was... start with easier stuff! Michael knows the sky inside and out, been observing by charts and maps for 20 years before using a goto. I have to earn it.
      The grass was cut and New Buggy Tavern looked beautiful, the night sky was amazing last night. My boys had giant ants in their pants so I had to leave early.
      I hope to see everyone on Saturday!

      "When a child hearkens to the beat of a different drum ~ perhaps he is keeping time to songs of Angels that w, his lessers, simply cannot hear. ~Kelly Long-Kirkpatrick"

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