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  • Douglas Norton
    Jul 1, 2010
      The planets have changed. Through the years I rarely looked at planets outside the occasional opposition of Mars or occultation of Saturn by the moon. Jupiter always had its 4 moons, cloud bands and red spot. Saturn always had its rings. Pluto was too faint. Uranus and Neptune were just blue and green. Mercury was always too close to the sun. Venus was just too darn bright! So I never really bothered with them.
      Recently however, I have a new appreciation for them and their ever changing appearances. Saturn's rings are hidden. Jupiter lost a belt and its red spot comes and goes as it pleases. Mars is a dot. Mercury is a really cool little planet and the fact that it is difficult to observe because of its proximity to the sun makes it that much more fun! Venus when viewed before the sun sets is just stunning! I'm still on the fence with Uranus and Neptune. Pluto... well that poor guy just can't catch a break. And best of all, light pollution has almost no negative effect on them.
      As for all of the deep sky objects, they have definitely changed for me over the years. My observing skills have become much better since I started observing. Every time I look at an object I see new details I couldn't see before. Even after looking at M13 for the 1,000th time, each time I center it in the eyepiece it is like seeing something totally new. It is interesting to go through my observing logs to see what my impressions were of M13 in 1987 as compared to now. Sure, the scope has changed and the eyepieces have changed. But something else has changed as well. Twenty three years doesn't sound like a long time to me when I say it. I surely can't claim a world record for it. But it is a world of difference between what I saw all those years ago compared to today. Maybe it isn't the objects we look at from night to night that change. Maybe it's us.
      Doug Norton

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      So Doug,
      23 years, huh?
      So I guess you have observed them all?
      Do any look different than when you started?
      Have any moved significantly?  Color changes??
      Just curious....

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      Tomorrow marks my 23rd year since I first looked through my very first telescope in July of 1987. My first log entries were on 22 July 87. Alpha and Beta Ursa Major were observed on that night with Mizar and Polaris the following night. I had a Jason 60mm refractor that I had purchased after I painted my Aunt's house.

      Doug N

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