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8780this saturday

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  • Don Surles
    Mar 1, 2010
      It is Mirror Making Preparations Time. I have most of the MM supplies in my basement. I would like for those who intend to help with the mirror making next week to meet at my house 10:00am Saturday for a quick review just to make sure everything is ready.

      I will also need some assistance in moving the supplies upstairs and to my trailer...my hip is not ready for the mass transfer upstairs.

      We need to inventory cooking supplies so that Kathy and Tom will know what to buy.

      The pitch needs to go to Bill Hanagan for tempering. Bill, I scarffed two lab hotplates at the DuPont salvage sale...you may want to see if they will aid in the tempering.

      We need to make sure we have hand tools to assemble tables, testing tunnels, etc.

      Dave...will you and Dick Parker need tables for your testing arrangement? Should I buy some folding tables? We should check the supplies at Mallard Lodge tomorrow night.

      We need to talk about dividing the mirror makers into groups so that each person gets proper attention.

      This is #10...we should document it well...your suggestions will be appreciated.

      I am sure there is much more to mull over.

      Please send your comments to all on the mailing list. And if you know of any DSG'er who wants to help not on the list please invite them...we want as many people as possible involved.

      We will have pizza and sodas for lunch.

      Hope to see you Saturday at 10am...and no snow!

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