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8313Sunday evening at the Marsh...

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  • Douglas Norton
    Jun 2, 2009
      I took the scope out for a few hours Sunday evening. It was a multi-task event. I accomplished final collimation, worked out all the kinks in the new scope and gear, used the new Double Star Atlas and took a few snapshots of the moon with the 40D. The highlight of the evening was seeing M13 and M5 through the newly collimated C8 and new Tele Vue eyepieces. I stared at M13 for a full 15 minutes. It was just stunning. Even with the moon in the sky it was a jewel. The Double Star Atlas was such a joy to use. I star hopped to a majority of them and that was fun. The atlas made that very easy indeed. I hadn't observed double stars in any serious capacity for a number of years and it was refreshing to see them again.
      For those of you with a Schmidt-Cassegrain check out this link for precise collimation techniques.
      Doug Norton

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