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7959GRB (Gamma Ray Burst) from the sun

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  • Michael Lecuyer
    Nov 5, 2008
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      The first detected GRB event ever detected on the sun was picked up by
      the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope (formerly known as the Gamma-ray
      Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST)) today.

      Here's the announcement message:

      DATE: 08/11/04 16:34:49 GMT
      FROM: Chryssa Kouveliotou at MSFC

      C. Kouveliotou (NASA/MSFC) and M.S. Briggs (UAHuntsville) report on
      behalf of the Fermi GBM Team:

      At 20:14:42.77 UT on 02 November 2008, the Fermi GBM triggered and
      located a very soft and bright event (trigger 247349683 / 081102844).
      The event location was RA = 217.6 deg, dec = -15.7 deg (+/- 1.1 deg), in
      excellent agreement with the Sun location. The time of the event
      coincides with the solar activity reported in the GOES solar reports
      (event 9790: onset at 2012 UT, max at 2015 UT, end at 2017, B5.7 flare).
      This is the first GBM detection of a solar flare; future detections will
      not be reported in a GCN Circular, unless they exhibit special

      The GBM light curve shows a multiple peak event lasting approximately
      177 s (8-30 keV). The time-averaged spectrum from T0-13.824 s to
      T0+163.33 s is best fit by a single power law model with index -6.55 +/-
      0.03 (chi squared 255 for 120 d.o.f.). The event fluence (8-30 keV) in
      this time interval is (1.54 +/- 0.03) E-4 erg/cm^2.

      The spectral analysis results presented above are preliminary.
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