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7639observing report May 2

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  • Carol Beigel
    May 3, 2008
      Last night at Tuckahoe, Martha and I were the only two people there at the ball field.  The webpage indicated there was club observing both last night and tonight, so we were a little surprised.  However, for the first time in my experience, the Clear Sky clock totally lied, so observing was less than anticipated.  There were high clouds mostly, but a few good sucker holes.  I did see Saturn with my Nexstar 4 that clearly showed the Cassini division in the rings, and the shadow on the planet where the rings crossed.  Even saw a moon.  That spectatular view was worth the trip! 
       The Thermacell worked beautifully to keep the mosquitos away in the 15 square feet it covered.  M3 and M13 were too faint to appreciate.  Some Boy Scouts came by and were very impressed with the view of Saturn.  The temperature was wonderful and comfortable wearing a Tshirt and jeans. 
      The view of Saturn was so beautiful, I thought I would attach my new Canon Rebel to the back of the Nexstar and take a photo.  However, since the scope was nearly pointing straight up there was not enough room for the camera to clear the base of the goto mount.  Oh well!
      We left at 10:30pm when there was nothing left to see except a few stars in the Big Dipper, and Mars the the Genini twins.  Figured many of you were with Kent at his East Coast Star Party.  We had been thinking of attending, but were too tired to drive the 5 hours.  Hope all was well.
      Carol Beigel
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