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  • Bill Moore
    Dec 3, 2007
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      I've got my first photos up now, They are in Bill's Box
      Thanks to all here for help and advice.
      An AC adapter is prefered for the camera so the screen can be left on
      and many multible shots can be taken without worrying about the
      batteries. The camera seemed to like the cold as the digital noise was
      Flocking is going to be coming soon, as you can see the results in the
      Sirius pic from a neighbor's low-level light about 150 feet away.
      The pics of the moon looked almost as good as what I see through the EP.
      The camera mount is similar to a popular brand, fabricated from parts
      that are easy to find.
      Sirius had some serious spikes, while Mintaka with some color
      variation, almost none.
      Mintaka is actually a multiple star with a magnitude 7 star about 52"
      away from the main component and an even fainter star in between. The
      main component itself is also double, consisting of a class B giant and
      a smaller but hotter class O. The stars orbit each other every 5.73
      days.- Wikipedia
      Could this be why there appears to be some color difference near the
      top i.e. Partial stellar eclipse?
      Untill late July I had only that little 3" scope you see in the corner.
      About 150 days later, well, it just keeps gettin gooder and gooder.
      Thanks to:
      John G. for the Odyssey 8-F4.5 while the rebuild had its painfull
      moments, I learned so much. The mirrors are truely great. If I may
      quote you, "Helluva Scope"
      E-scope aka Murnighan, for the fine mirror set in the homemade
      planetary scope, F8.
      Kent, you started al this on the ball field a few years back when you
      let me practicaly spend the night with you on the 25. We don't buy the
      nutty profesor routine, well maybe just a bit. But you encourage and
      inspire for the measly price of a hot dog.
      C.J. We all wish we had your eyes,you challenge me to look deeper,
      there's always more to see.
      See y'all at the Holiday Party soon