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7133More fun with planetaries

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  • kentblackwell
    Oct 1 7:17 AM
      Since No-Frills is coming up I checked out a few esoteric, stellar
      planetaries last night that might be challenging. Just to keep it fun
      for everyone these were all visible in my 4" under a near full moon.

      Minkowski 1-70
      12.7 magnitude
      Size: 14"
      19h 24m 22s
      +09 deg 55'

      Minkowski 1-74
      12.8 magnitude
      Size: 5"
      19h 42m
      +15 deg 10'

      Me 2-2
      PN G100.0-08.7
      Size: 11.5 magnitude
      Size unknown (I confirmed it was stellar in my 4" on 8/30/07)
      22h 32m
      +47 deg 48'

      If anyone just bought a new high-quality small refractor they may
      like to try splitting Sigma Aqr. Even at 325x in my 4" it was tough.
      The separation isn't particularly tight at 3.7-arc seconds but the
      secondary star is nearly four magnitudes fainter than the primary.
      This will probably be a bit easier on a moonless night than it was
      last night, but let me know if you split it.

      Sigma Aqr
      22h 31m
      -10 deg 41'
      4.8 and 8.47 magnitude
      Separation 3.7"

      I am SO wound up and ready to observe!!

      Kent Blackwell
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