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697Re: [delmarvastargazers] July Spruce Knob trip

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  • Dan Kidwell
    Jul 1, 2002
      I will arrive on the 10th and depart on the 14th--unless it's great
      weather--may arrive on the 9th-if that's ok. I do not plan on staying at
      the dorm or taking their meals--I plan on camping. However, if I find
      there is room at the 'inn', I may rent a dorm room just to have a quiet
      place to take a nap.

      Also, if the weather is good there will be 2 or 3 friends joining us. Bill
      and Jess Dankmeyer, 10th-14th and John Greene 12th -14th.
      Hope this helps.
      Dan Kidwell

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      > Ok folks this is my understanding to date of the participants in the July
      > 10-14 Spruce Knob trip. I'd like to send confirmation to the people at
      > Mountain Institute Wed., so correct me if I've misunderstood you.
      > Name Arrive/depart Camping Dorm Meals
      > Keith L. 11-14 Yes No No
      > Lyle & Cherie J. 12-14 Yes No No
      > Don & Karen S. ? No Yes No
      > Tim M. ? Yes No No
      > Jim R. 12-14 No Ye No
      > Bill C. ? ? ? ?
      > Joe M. 9-14 Yes No No
      > Jeff B. & Friend 10-14 No Yes Yes
      > Ralph 9-11 Yes Maybe No
      > Blake C. 10-14 Yes No No
      > Dan K. ? ? ? ?
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