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5113Re: [delmarvastargazers] Re: I'm baaaaaaaaack!

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  • Bob Bunge
    May 1, 2006
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      Certainly was an amazing weekend! It's amazingly rare to get such great
      conditions 2-3 nights in a row on a new moon weekend in the _spring_!!!!

      Three nights can knock the stuffing out even a teenager! :-)

      Besides some "slumming" of bright objects, managed to find and draw 15
      Arp galaxies, finishing off Leo and Ursla Major during the course of
      Friday and Saturday. While that might not sound like a lot (there have
      been times I've done 15 objects in single night), all of these galaxies
      were extremely faint and difficult to find. Since all I have left on my
      Arp list are spring time objects, these nights were certainly welcome!
      Now I just need another five or six just like them to finish off CVn,
      Coma and Bootes!

      I now realize while it took me 7 years to record my first three hundred
      Arp objects, it's likely to take another 7 years to get the last 20
      since they are the faintest of the bunch and require the best conditions.

      Omega is a nice find. Treasure that one away... write yourself a note
      so you will find it 30 years so you'll remember the great time you had.


      Charles Wood Jr.(CJ) wrote:
      > Star Party was great! I brought my ETX-70, 14.5" truss, and 4.5"
      > newtonian(and left with 4, 10" Coulter...spelling?) Skies were
      > terrific, clear skies the whole time(tonight was the last night...I'm
      > to tired...I'll just observe in my mag 4.5-5 skies). I observed alot
      > of objects. The highlights of the nights was the Veil Nebula, Comet
      > frags(B, C, and G), Cats Eye Nebula, NGC3877(favorite edge on, look it
      > up and find it!! 11 mag, easy to find), NGC4565, M51(spirals were
      > easy, beautiful), M81(barely made out the 2 spirals, very bright),
      > Eskimo(nice bluish color), Omega Centari(just barely skimmed the
      > horizon, WOW), and just so much more. Frost was horrible, the 14" was
      > having trouble for a couple nights until I found a pack of Hot Hands
      > and got a rubber band to stick it on the secondary. Worked really good
      > too! Well I'm back and going to sleep for a while. Thanks for
      > providing another great star party Delmarva Stargazers!!!!!
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