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4985Re: Star Gaze XII activities

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  • Paul Gray
    Apr 4, 2006
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      Hello Everyone,

      I am always happy to see discussion on club activities and events but
      am deeply sadden and somewhat shocked by the recent discussion. I am
      not a member have not been since I moved home to Canada but have many
      friends here at the stargazers so feel free to tell me to but out if
      you choose and I will.

      Having atteneded more than a handful of No Frills and Stargaze events
      I must say they are some of the best and relaxing star parties I been
      too. I did question back in 2001 though the fee structure on a
      different slant….. why is it pay by the day? All of the star parties
      I been too over the last 18 years and every campground I stayed at
      has always been pay by the night. How many nights are you staying? I
      come in on Friday and am charged for 3 days when I am there two
      nights but get up at 8am and check out on Sunday…….(just stirring the

      As for the fees…..I will not argue the prices as 2 nights of camping
      alone puts you in the $30-$40 range. Add that to the services the
      volunteers provide through clean up, supplies, planning etc etc etc
      etc, I think Don listed it all well enough.

      But I always wondered about the non-campers. Yes they do exist. Many
      people stay off site in motels and hotels at many star parties
      including stargaze and no-frills. Should a non camper who is there
      only for the observing time pay the same? Almost every star party
      that I can think I been too has had a different fee structure for the
      non-campers. Or is the non-camping astronomers not welcome as it
      seems to have been implied in some of the discussion?

      This last point is what has shocked me. I understand the public
      walking in taking in views cuts into the serious observing time. I
      been there remember. I never turned away a person from views through
      my scope. What shocked and saddened me is that a past member/possible
      member again was turned away from not only the star party because his
      questions/ideas were not only turned down but was also turned away
      from the club because he rose the questions! This was a not a general
      public person looking for some free views. Building an observatory as
      he is signs of a serious astronomer.

      Future members are the future of the all astronomy clubs. We have to
      keep that in mind. As well just because we have done something for 8
      or 10 years does not mean that its always the best way and that there
      is no room for change. Granted NO change for this year but maybe
      something that should/could be considered in the future.

      Clear skies and hope to visit soon,
      Wishing I was at the meeting tonight!

      Paul Gray
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