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  • Patrick Kelly
    Apr 1 9:36 AM
      Since moving to Delmarva almost 7 years ago I sent in membership to
      DMS a few years but never was able to make meetings. Its that thing
      called life: two kids in school, school parental activities, work
      goofy hours (sometimes in bed @7; up and out @ 4AM), Boy Scouts, elder
      care, home care...soo much for the quiet country life , eh? so while
      we are dedicated we do most regular stargazing at home on the spur of
      the moment. Me and the boy did make it to a Stargaze a couple years
      back as casual afternoon/evening walkins but don't recall paying $40
      (but maybe we did pay that) ...that's a lot for a walkin' to chat and
      check out the views and scopes. Stephen DID enjoy a talk by a fella
      from NASA, I gave him hell for pigging out in the cake pan and
      embarassing me <g>, lotta good coffee. In the end we had a good time
      and everyone was aces, friendly and nerdy just like us and we felt at
      home even as a one/two-off event for us. All I'll say is do the best
      to keep prices low for a variety of types of visitors, especially
      those just getting into stargazing and want to come out one evening
      and check out scopes and chat and learn...after all, that is the
      default suggestion to newbies, so every effort should be made to
      accomodate and encourage this.

      That being said we still follow the List and Club (though not
      members...maybe we should still join/donate to help support the local
      club) from our home in nearby Centreville. When kids and life settles
      (which it IS...the older boy hopefully will be off to college in a
      year or two) I'm confident I'll become finally active. In the meantime
      we're having a roloff 13x13 observatory built here at home by Backyard
      Observatories of Ohio next week to house my D&G 6" f/15 refractor. Not
      exactly portable, but by the time the kids start to move on I'll have
      something more portable again for down-the-road and Stargaze days..and

      Pat Kelly in Centreville, Maryland

      --- In delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com, "Stargazer Chris"
      <icstars2k@...> wrote:
      > Don,
      > So what you're saying is that $40 for a casual observer to come out
      for a few hours one night is a reasonable cost?
      > You'll never convince me of that.
      > -Chris
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