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  • Norton Douglas (DTI)
    Nov 1, 2005

      Well I went to my buddy’s farm last night for a few hours of observing with the 10-inch Dob. I saw so many meteors and one that lit up the ground all around me. I literally thought someone was taking a picture of me. The night compared to Saturday night was much better. All the stars were pinpoints and sharp as tacks. Mars was sharp and lots of detail was seen but I need to make an off-axis mask to get rid of the spider vane spikes. The cluster M15 held up to my highest power and was simply amazing. To quote someone we all know... “It was the best I’ve ever seen it!”


      Here is the list of objects observed. I had planned on looking for objects I hadn’t catalogued yet but I got sidetracked by how beautiful the night was. The Owl Cluster from a dark site and bigger mirror was a fine sight indeed.


      Double Stars


      Delta Ceph

      Gamma And



      Deep Sky


      NGC457 The Owl Cluster



      M31 The Andromeda Galaxy

      M32 Satellite Galaxy

      M110 Satellite Galaxy

      M57 The Ring Nebula

      M27 The Dumbbell Nebula

      M1 Supernova Remnant

      Double Cluster

      M38 (and accompanying NGC 1907)

      Pleiades (with Nebulosity)





      Douglas A. Norton

      Department of Technology & Information

      State of Delaware

      William Penn Data Center

      Phone: 302-739-9604

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