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2969Re: [delmarvastargazers] tonight at t-hoe and our Tuesday meeting

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  • S. Kent Blackwell
    Oct 1, 2004
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      I wish you guys and gals could see the cloud cover we're under in  Virginia Beach. BTW, the weather report still says partly cloudy for today, yet it's been 100% overcast since sunrise. Don't you think in 10 hours someone would have looked out the window to revise that forecast by now?
      Kent Blackwell
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      Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 3:09 PM
      Subject: [delmarvastargazers] tonight at t-hoe and our Tuesday meeting

      is anyone up for tonight at T-hoe?  yes, there will be a moon up by 8:00 pm but so what?   i will call the park and let them know some DSG-er's will be there.

      also, I have 2 topics unmanned or unwoman-ed topics for our meeting next tuesday.  they are:

              Eyepiece Cases - Do's & Don'ts

      and        Star Charts and their use (electronic, paper, books, etc)

      If you want to volunteer your expertise please email and I will fill in your name for the topic.

      ...and if you don't volunteer I will bore the living @@@@ out of you with my version of the topics.

      Thanks, Don...
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