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225Spruce Knob trip

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  • jmorris@goeaston.net
    Jul 1, 2001
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      This is a copy of a letter I sent to Keith.

      Joe Morris wrote:
      > Keith -- I'm planning to head for WV on Tues., July 17th and leave
      > Sunday, July 22nd. You are welcome to come for all, some, or more.
      > Spruce Knob is about a 6 hr drive for me including one fuel stop and
      > lunch stop. There are two ways to get there. For both, one heads
      > around the DC Beltway (usually going around the South side is best
      > unless there's traffic problems on the Wilson Bridge) and taking I
      > West to I 81. At that point, I've been taking Rt. 55 to Petersburg,
      > and Rt. 28 to the road that heads up the mountain. There's a lot of
      > construction on that road now and I may try I 81 to Harrisonburg,
      > and Rt. 250 to Rt. 28. The only problem with this route is the time
      > loss going through Harrisonburg. Also for me, I miss a nice WV
      > Park (Seneca Rocks) to fill my camper up with water before heading
      > the mountain.
      > There are three camping choices, Seneca Shadows (near Seneca Rocks)
      > a nice, clean, new NFS campground. Some of the sites have electric
      > water is nearby. There are several bathhouses around the compound.
      > think the rate is about $15/night. Info and reservations can be
      > at http://www.ReserveUSA.com/nrrs/wv/sene/ It is about a one hour
      > to the viewing site on Spruce Knob.
      > The second place is the Spruce Knob Lake Campground on the mountain
      > by the NFS. It has about thirty individual campsites, pit toilets,
      > well water. The fee is $7/night. No reservation can be made, but
      > usually there are sites available. It is about a 15 min drive to
      > viewing site.
      > The third and probably the best is a Group Campsite that has about
      > sites called Gatewood. It too is run by the NFS. There is no
      > fee and offers only pit toilets. The campsites are not well defined
      > there are picnic tables and campfire pits. The viewing site is a
      > about 2-3 A and is next to the campground. Unfortunately, it is
      > to vehicles so you have to carry your telescope gear about 50 yds.
      > don't like people to camp out in the meadow. Water needs to be
      > in and is available at the Spruce Knob Lake Campground. If we go
      > we can probably tie up most of the campsite with our club. The site
      > used be the Northern Virginia Astronomical Club and they will
      > roll in for the weekend. Also there are a few campers that may be
      > there. More info on Gatewood is at
      > http://www.geocities.com/jcnusbaum/GatewoodPage.html
      > So far Tim Milligan and one other person( I can't remember who) are
      > only ones that have contacted me. Could you post this email on our
      > yahoo chat group since I don't know how. Let me know and I'll try
      > make next Tues. meeting so we can firm things up.
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