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11563RE: [delmarvastargazers] Dark Sky sites on Delmarva

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  • Douglas Towner
    Aug 22, 2014
    I copied Lyle on my email to DEC, but apparently I did not have your address in my work email. Here is what I sent over to Doug Carey at DEC:



    Thank you for speaking with me this morning. I have attached a PDF of the proposed primary extension at Trap Pond.

    The google map overlay that I used shows the trees, but the yellow dotted line follows a natural footpath where the underground primary extension could go. I walked it yesterday and walked approx 730 ft.

    Pole 6215 was the closest one I could find. You would know your lines better if there is a pole outside of the park boundries that is closer.

    This project is in its infancy stages and will require many approvals from the State (Park), We will however need to get a cost estimate for the DEC portion which will go into the decision making process.

    I can drive a stake at the point shown on the drawing for the transformer/meter/panel on Monday when I am down in Seaford. I can also be available to meet with you or anyone from your group to help facilitate a budget cost.



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    Lets go. Night or Day?

    On 8/20/2014 19:30 PM, Calixto Estrada ce6349@...
    [delmarvastargazers] wrote:
    > [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Calixto Estrada included below]
    > Hi Folks
    > Attached is an interesting link with light pollution maps with an
    > overlay to Google maps (second link)

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