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  • Don Surles
    Feb 5, 2014
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      On a day-to-day basis complacency is easy living; complacency masquerades as our friend while stealing our future.

      That is why continuous improvement is necessary on a personal level and for organizations such as DSG. 

      So, the need for improvement is the reason for this message.  Delmarva Star Gazers needs to improve...continuously.

      We discussed this at our meeting last night.  Rendered down to the simplest form here are the results.

      1) Current Status:
      1. What is DSG doing that you like?
      2. How can we improve “it”?
      3. Will you help improve “it”?

      1. Future Status:
      1. What can DSG add to improve our product?
      2. How do we do “2a”?
      3. Will you help do “2a”?

      Think about this...take your time.  Please reply to the CC: addresses with your suggestions.

      Have a nice day, stay warm and dry.  Let’s hope Mother Nature eventually improves the weather for star gazing...my scope has cabin fever.