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11174Supernova News from Nova Scotia.......kids bag another one!

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  • paul17403
    Oct 31, 2013
      Just thought many of my old freinds in the Delmarva would like to hear this news before its news!

      Hot of the presses from Abbey Ridge Observatory - congratulations Nathan (age 10 and 33 days younger than her sister's record)!

      "G. Nathan Gray (age 10) of Greenwood, NS, Canada and D. J. Lane of Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada report their discovery of an apparent supernova (mag about 18.0) on an unfiltered image taken with a 0.36-m f/5.5 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope+CCD taken on 2013 Oct 30.1791 UT. It's presence was confirmed by the discoverers at 2013 Oct 31.001 UT and by Doug Rich, Hampden, ME, USA at 2013 Oct 31.095 UT. The apparent SN is
      located at R.A.= 18h3m24s.59, Decl = +70o13'30.6" (equinox 2000.0), which is about 3" east and 7" north of the nucleus of PGC 61330. Nothing is visible at this location on images taken many occasions in the past two years (all limiting mag fainter than 18). Nothing is present on Digitized Palomar Sky Survey images."

      The discovery is subject to spectrographic confirmation (by a monster telescope!) to determine it's type before it is given an official designation by the IAU CBAT. Hopefully that will occur within a few days.
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