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  • David M Groski
    Jun 1, 2012
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       Hi Don and All,
         I was able to find Venus yesterday. First I looked up it's position relative to the Sun. It was 7 degrees above it.  My 10 x 40 binoculars have a 5 degree field of view so I tried scanning above the Sun. Even thou the sky was very clear I couldn't find it. Unusually this techniques works almost every time for me. I then  positioned myself so the Sun was behind the wall of my house. I  then looked at the Moon with the binoculars  to let my eyes adjust to a dimmer view  and to try  to keep  them at infinity focus.I went back to western horizon and scanned along the edge of the house wall. For a few minutes I was able to see Venus as very thin crescent. I went and got my vintage 80mm Selsi refractor and set it up in the shadow of my house and again tried to find Venus in the binoculars. This time I couldn't find it. So I put a 28mm eyepiece in the Selsi, focused on the Moon and went back to were I thought Venus was. I slowly scanned in Alt and Az. and after about a minutes it  gilded into view. It was an amazing sight. First Venus is very large and second it is just a razors edge of crescent that extends to well over 200 degrees. If the sky was a clearer  with  less scatter, I bet one could have seen "Venus shin"  and one could have made out the whole disk of the planet.  
        Hopefully the weather will be clear over the weekend and I can try to observe Venus in the daytime when it is much higher.

                         - Dave

      David M.Groski
      Chemical Sciences and Engineering
      Dupont Central Research & Development
      Experimental Station E304/C217
      Wilmington DE 19880-0304
      (302) 695-1783

      From:Don Surles <don.surles@...>
      Date:06/01/2012 10:35 AM
      Subject:[delmarvastargazers] last night...
      Sent by:delmarvastargazers@yahoogroups.com

      I went to BB last night to photo Venus as a slender crescent…I was not successful.

      It seems Venus is moving rapidly toward the sun for its rendezvous and  Transit on Tuesday.  Less than 2 weeks ago I was on my way to the Philly airport around 8:45 - 9:00PM and Venus was a good 30 degrees behind the sun.  Last nite it was so close I never found it with binos.

      But, the moon was out - the sky was clear - I had the new scope, a 9.25" Celestron Ultima so I decided to make sure e'ry thing worked.  Below are a couple of lunar shots at prime focus.

      BTW…I am gonna weigh that scope.  It is very heavy!  Much heavier than a C8 and Meade 10".

      One thing I noticed…with a DSLR that has a less than "full frame" sensor the whole moon, and therefore the Sun which has the same arc measure, will not fit into a frame…so, we will need shorter focal length scope than an 8" or 9.25" or 10" F-10 SCT.  I plan to use a Takahashi FS-102…about 600mm in focal length.


      here are some 4X6 crops...

      and here is a full frame…I noticed subtle shades of color on the limb side .

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