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513TV pictures on a C840

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  • sigmaflo
    Feb 13, 2009
      Good afternoon all. This message has also been posted in the
      Latitude Lounge, but I see that it is 90% personal dating, so I have
      repeated it here in the hope someone will read it.

      I have a Latitude C840. Generally not a bad bit of kit.

      I would dearly like to show on the C840 screen, the real time tv
      composite PAL or NTSC picture outputs from my NIkon C990 camera TV
      connector. I would be using this as a low magnification microscope,
      as I move the object around under the camera lens, so the C840 screen
      would track this. I already have an EasyCap hardware composite av
      input to USB 2.0 adapter, along with Ulead Video studio software, but
      of course the C840 USB 1.1 ports are far too slow for this
      Does anyone out there know of a low cost method of showing the tv
      piccies on the C840 screen ?
      Would a USB to IEEE 1394 cable suffice ? Any information about the
      1394 port on the C840 would be gratefully accepted. For instance,
      would the IEEE 1394 port give power to the AV to USB hardware?

      Anybody any ideas ?

      Kind regards.