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492upgrade isn't going as planned.

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  • John
    Apr 28, 2008

      I have a trusty little Dell the 133 speed. It had IE 5.5 on it
      running off a 3 gig drive partitioned 2 and 1, 40 megs of ram and

      It would crash but no more than any other machine.

      I have been having a hard time locating larger memory and I wondered
      about maybe the size of the partition was holding it back so I backed
      up the drive, tried partition magic to merge the partitons, That
      failed, and then just wiped it out and started from scratch
      installing a full but minimal 98SE. The partiton is regular Windows
      98 Ver 10.

      In theory this works. So do many things. This has had one bug after
      another and where I have now learned more about the 98SE operating
      system than I ever thought possible, and still have reinstalled this
      3, 4 and maybe 5 and 6 times, both from a 98SE Full install CD and a
      98SE upgrade-only CD, this refuses to stay running.

      This is a small V-E-R-Y light weight machine, it's battery is in
      great shape and when it's run under the old partition conected to
      cable modem, even just running IE 5.5 this little machine danced.

      At my library, hospital, doctors office, a park that has wireless, a
      coffee shop and anyplace that had wireless this worked before. I see
      no reason it shouldn't now but it keeps either going blue screen or

      Oh Yes, in Dos, Nothing wrong happens at all. Any program or
      utility, if it's in Dos, it ruins and runs. All the headaches start
      when it runs windows. Safe just as much as normal. Even small
      utilitys and programs come back with Insuffecnt memory or
      resources, like running regedit and windows explorer at the same

      Also, when you plug in a card to the pcmcia slots, nothing is
      recognized until you run ADD HARDWARE.

      Does anyone have a thought? I would have thought opening it to a
      full 3 gigs at least would add more power.
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