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488Latitude 150ST startup problems

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  • Steve
    May 14, 2007
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      I am trying to run "Windows 2000 Professional"
      I get a "beginning physical memory dump" error
      Is there any fix for this?
      Also,I can install & run windows 2000 professional,but it keeps
      stuffing up.
      Also,has anyone tried 64MB (x2) memory modules(thus giving a total of
      128MB,not including the onboard memory) on a 150st ?
      Also,I know of 128MB memory modules,so has anyone tried using 2 of
      these 128MB memory modules on their 150st?
      I am testing 2 of the 64MB memory modules at a laptop shop tomorrow
      that has old EDO memory,so I'll let veryone know how it goes.