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459External CDRom for Latitude XPi P133St

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  • franco33139ca
    Aug 27, 2006
      sOne of my Latitude XPi P133ST used to have an Original Slim CD-ROM
      Drive Model CD224 (I believe they are britsh and costa 70 or 80
      Bucks new, I already looked at their website). [Apparently a lot of
      this Dells Latitude XPi were sold in England, because I see them in
      EBay England and India too]. One of the time I really bleu it. I
      erased and repartition my hard drive to do a blank Windows 2000
      loading on the computer. As I was not too experience with this
      laptop. I assume I was going to have an operating CDROM after I
      errase the harddrive.............. waaaaaaaaaaaaaan, no way. When I
      put in the Window 2000 to load it. It took me a while before I
      realized I had also earrased the drivers and this CDRom did not
      operated with DOS. So it was dead.

      It took me about a year before I was able to locate Window 95 in 14
      Diskets (which was the only thing that was operating. But after
      screwwing with the CDROM too many times. This CDRom is not longer
      operational (I do not know what is wrong with it but a tiny little
      screw was loose inside de CDRom ................................

      Does any one knows all of the EXTERNAL CDROMs that will be able to
      load the drivers with the Windows 95. So that I can start operating
      this Laptop P133St with the external CDRom. I know that perhaps the
      PANASONIC 20X EXTERNAL PCMCIA CDROM KXL-807A might operate with it,
      But I am not sure