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458Re: Very needed notebook - new or used.

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  • franco33139ca
    Aug 27, 2006
      I will not have them now, but I have been buying them when I find them
      real cheap. In fact, I rather steal them, the cheaper the better. But
      probrably by December of 2006 I will be probrably have a few.

      This is my hobbie, I buy them real cheap and I get some equipment for
      it and download and then I sell them to my friends according to what I
      have expended in each INCLUDING MY COST of shipment. Trut me if I
      wanted to make money on this, I would be buying much more expensive
      computers and sell them at much higher profits. So when I get them,
      you will most likely be happy with the price, because I will tell you
      at what price I got them, how much time I have expended on it and
      where I have purchase the equipment etc. and my cost.

      BUT I WILL NOT BE READY FOR A WHILE. I use to get donated computers
      from nonprofit organizations that they could not used but would cost
      them to get rid of the computers because one can not trash them. They
      need to pay to get rid of them. So it might be an idea for you to
      contact non profit organizations that get donations. But you better
      knowwhat you are doing. Because then, you will be stuck with the
      babies that you can not trash. I got them and gave fix them and give
      them to kids that where poor, had telephone and but parents could not
      aford to buy them a coputer.
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