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456Re: Old laptops...

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  • franco33139ca
    Aug 27, 2006
      --- In delllatitudexpiclub@yahoogroups.com, walsh2002bc
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hi Group:
      > Years ago I bought a xpi cd 166mmx for my daughter which she used
      > steady for about 6 years. I remember it was a nice laptop.
      > she relaced it with a new laptop and knowing my weakness for
      > on to old computers, she returned the xpi to me, still in perfect
      > condition.
      > After all those years it still is a nice laptop. It gladly accepts
      > my old win98 programs, cruises the net, runs my GPS and basically
      > everything I need. Of course I have my "big" computer (new and
      > but for all the fun stuff the xpi cd is still my favorite.
      > Thanks for letting me in your group.
      > mike

      Mike I have three of them, which I have been fixing. Tell us what
      type of programs you have in it. Because I just loaded Window 95
      (have 98se waiting to load). But I like to upgrade them with good
      programs that could be useful when I sell them to my friends cheap
      because they do not have one to work with.

      I am interested in finding a wordprocessor and a few office type
      programs like that. It does not have to be Microsoft. And other
      utilities and programs that you have found interesting. I find this
      lap xpi to be an excellent in terms of weight and size. Wish they
      bring it back on with higher speed cpu and ram memory. They should,
      they really had a great idea when dell came up with this design
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