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Re: XPi life number 10?

Hi Craig, Conflict file may be a better name for it when it comes to DOS 6.2 ;) Jeremy
Jeremy Toms
Dec 28, 2014

Re: XPi life number 10?

Should be config file.... Sent from my iPad
Craig Schlicher
Dec 28, 2014

Re: XPi life number 10?

I still have one that I use occasionally when I need to program old Motorola radios. DOS 6.2 with a conflict file so I can use the CD. MOSLO to slow down the
Craig Schlicher
Dec 28, 2014

Re: XPi life number 10?

I still have mine but not used it for at least 5 years,i will never get rid of it though as it was my first ever laptop.
Dec 28, 2014

XPi life number 10?

Hi All, It's been 5 years since the last proper post here. Is anybody still using the XPi laptops? I must confess I have rarely used mine in that time. Happy
Jeremy toms
Dec 27, 2014

can't write to root folder

Ant idea why I can't write to my C:/ folder? Subfolders, no prob. I have an XPS M1530. ... www.paulostrof.com [Non-text portions of this message have been
Paul Ostrof
Jul 24, 2009

TV pictures on a C840

Good afternoon all. This message has also been posted in the Latitude Lounge, but I see that it is 90% personal dating, so I have repeated it here in the hope
Feb 13, 2009

Re: upgrade isn't going as planned.

Have you upgraded Bios before install Win98SE ?? Look for a file W98CREV2.EXE at DELL homepage or at file area in this group. It make a diskette to flash a new
Dag Sandgren
Jun 23, 2008

Re: upgrade isn't going as planned.

I had a wireless PC card in mine and seemed to be fine. ... -- Amy Kelly // engagedtone@...
Amy Kelly
Jun 23, 2008

Re: upgrade isn't going as planned.

I'd be interested in hearing how you managed the wireless Internet. I didn't think the P133ST could handle CardBus. 40MB is supposed to be the maximum RAM. I
Jun 23, 2008

edward norton's/bruce banner's laptop

i'm not sure since i watched it in the big screen and i can not pause and examine. but i'm interested whether the laptop use by incredible hulk is a dell
Jun 14, 2008

upgrade isn't going as planned.

Ok, I have a trusty little Dell the 133 speed. It had IE 5.5 on it running off a 3 gig drive partitioned 2 and 1, 40 megs of ram and wireless. It would crash
Apr 28, 2008

Welcome greenben50

I'm sure the members would be interested in the specs of your XPi P133ST. You have 72MB RAM and a 60GB hard drive. Have you ever been able to overclock it or
Mar 21, 2008

Dial up

Does anyone have an olde version of Yahoo dial up ? I downloaded a version off of the Yahoo Website, but its configured for newer, faster, bigger computers.
Jeffrey Hunter
Oct 16, 2007

Inspiron 9100 with fried motherboard

Apologies in advance for being a bit off-topic. This isn't about the XPi but it is about a Dell laptop. I have a nice Inspiron 9100 that was unfortunately used
Sep 30, 2007
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