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Track Workout - Saturday, 12-2pm

Hey Everyone, The Powder Keg guys are hosting a track workout, weather permitting, on Saturday between 12-2pm at Baynard Stadium in Wilmington. As always the
5:54 PM

Re: from: swidmaye@gmail.com

Are you trying to subtly tell me you think I need to lose weight?! On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 2:24 PM, 'swidmaye@...' swidmaye@...
Eric Hoover
4:55 PM

Fwd: Philly Hat Tournament Sat Mar 28

FYI -- it's time to start playing!! ... From: Mindy Laybourne Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 3:14 PM Subject: Philly Hat Tournament Sat Mar 28
Joshua Twilley
12:20 PM

from: swidmaye@gmail.com

Good evening delawareultimate http://www.lyofood.cz/ever.php?engine=eggny6aetr872 swidmaye@... Sent from my iPhone
11:24 AM

Re: Powder Keg Track Workout

Sorry everyone. Track workout is canceled. The track is messy.
Kennedy Comer
Mar 21

Cancelled [Re: Powder Keg Track Workout]

Hi All, The track workout we scheduled for today at Baynard Stadium at 10am is cancelled. Unfortunately, this nice “Spring” weather has left snow and ice
Greg Young
Mar 21

Powder Keg Track Workout

Hi Guys, Powder Keg is hosting a track workout tomorrow (Saturday) at Baynard Stadium at 10am. The track workout is open to ANYONE who wants to get ready for
Kennedy Comer
Mar 20

Re: Powder Keg Pick Up - Sunday @ 3:00

Hey guys, don't forget. Pickup at 3. Deets: *Cool Springs Reservoir in Wilmington* (Next to Ursaline). - There is a nice grassy flat field at the top and it
Jason Hoover
Mar 15

Re: Powder Keg Pick Up - Sunday @ 3:00

Sunday Funday! I was just think about how I needed more Fowler. See you there. What's Latin for; it's okay, I brought my own food coloring for green beer?" On
Kennedy Comer
Mar 14

Re: Powder Keg Pick Up - Sunday @ 3:00

um... what day @ 3 ? Funday ? On Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:31 AM, "Kennedy Comer kennedy.comer@... [delawareultimate]"
dan fowler
Mar 14

Powder Keg Pick Up - Sunday @ 3:00

Hey Dela-Homies, Sorry, no Powder Keg workout this weekend (booooo!)... But we're going to have PICK UP (Yaaayyyyyy!)... This is going to be COMPETITIVE pick
Kennedy Comer
Mar 12

Re: Fwd: Spring League

Hi Josh, Sorry to bug you with another question. I just registered for the spring league! Yay! I just wanted to make sure I attempted to sign my husband up
Alison Szczerba
Mar 2

Re: DE Winter League Party

Hey guys, just a reminder there will be a party at my place this Saturday. Details below... *When: February 28th 2015* *Time: 8pm - whenever* *Where: 1900
Andrew Wisor
Feb 26

Re: Fwd: Spring League

Thanks Josh, I just checked it out. Unfortunately we have a family conflict on the finals day May 9th : ( How do you guys handle absences? Should we wait
Alison Szczerba
Feb 25

Fwd: Spring League

Fyi Josh Sent from my mobile device
Joshua Twilley
Feb 25
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