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times square red, times square blue - copyright

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  • Simon Dickel
    Dear all, you might remember Zvi s reprimand concerning the link to a PDF of /Times Square Red, Times Square Blue/ I emailed last week. As I received the link
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2012
      Dear all,
      you might remember Zvi's reprimand concerning the link to a PDF of
      /Times Square Red, Times Square Blue/ I emailed last week. As I received
      the link through /Spex/ magazine, I contacted the editors and asked for
      a statement on the nature of this link. Please read their statement below.
      Best, Simon

      /Dear members of the Delany Mailing List,/
      /Neither I nor anyone else at /Spex/ uploaded the concerned .PDF copy of
      Delany's /Times Square Red, Times Square Blue/-essay to mediafire.com
      <http://mediafire.com>. Also the Facebook post with the link was erased
      from all our FB account./
      /We got this link via the Twitter account of Ubu Web / ubu.com
      <http://ubu.com>. As a web project Ubu Web � for the purpose of the
      freedom of information & research � shares various kinds of avant-garde
      content, which again is either out of print or barely available. Please,
      see a quote from their policy FAQ below:/
      > If it's out of print, we feel it's fair game. Or if something is in
      > print, yet absurdly priced or insanely hard to procure, we'll take a
      > chance on it. But if it's in print and available to all, we won't
      > touch it.
      From: /
      > http://www.ubu.com/resources/faq.html#6 � Effective April 17, 2012.
      Spex/is Germany's leading// pop-cultural magazine. In our current issue
      /Spex #338/ we feature a comprehensive interview with Samuel R. Delany
      and an analysis of his body of work. Also, currently, the role of the
      /network/ in and for capitalism is a much discussed subject in German
      media and culture. Furthermore, Delany is rather known for his fictional
      writings here in Germany, so we considered the essay both, an
      interesting introduction to his academic work & views and a great
      contribution to the current debate. Hence we shared the link together
      with a Youtube-link to /The Orchid/ and some information on Delany, but
      without any further comment on the file's origin./
      /Apparently � and contrary to what we assumed, but sadly did not prove �
      the copy didn't follow the usual Ubu policy and the essay can still be
      ordered directly from New York University Press. Hence we immediately
      took the link down and very much apologize for any inconvenience to all
      list members � especially to Simon Dickel �, the publishers and Samuel
      R. Delany himself./
      /With kind regards,/
      /Thomas Vorreyer � /Spex

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