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Re: SRD and ebook rips

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  • caeterk@yahoo.com
    ... just a couple of things, then I ll go away ... hairs to my ... is guise of an innocent that s funny. uhhh *holds himself back with great restraint* In
    Message 1 of 38 , May 29, 2001
      --- In delany-list@y..., Eric <digmez@e...> wrote:

      just a couple of things, then I'll go away

      > You are right that I am being harsh in my response to "caeterk," but
      > he/she/etc has yanked hard on my shmengle (attached by the short
      hairs to my
      > sensibility) with this guise of an innocent, that he/she/etc clearly

      "guise of an innocent" that's funny. uhhh *holds himself back
      with great restraint* In another forum I would flame you, but
      that is not my purpose here.
      Did I say anything about not understanding copyright law?
      Unless you're a lawyer I'm probably more familiar with US
      code on the subject than you are. Have I in any way, shape or
      form denigrated SRD? If I didn't respect him, I would never
      have made the original post in the first place.

      > Anyone who goes on a public list asking for a response from the
      autho but
      > has made it clear that they will accept nothing less than a
      > verifiable document from that author himself, has made it clear that
      he does

      dude, do you want me to post a message here that looks like
      it came from you, just as an explanation of why I said that? It's
      really not hard to do.

      > not trust us, and (judging both from what has been said and the lack
      of any
      > response to the most traffic this list has seen in a dog's age)
      doesn't even
      > care what we have to say.

      well, sorry I didn't respond soon enough for you, but
      that's life. If I hadn't wanted some response -- eg, some
      place he does read -- I would have never posted here in the
      first place.

      Glad I could liven up the place

      > All of this comes couched in a profession of love; I say he is a
      > scoundrel.

      scoundrel maybe; never petty

      [large snip of repetative arguments]

      > > >
      > > > 5) I have spoken to Mr. Delany concerning this
      > > > matter, today in reference to
      > > > your 'question' and he has made it clear to me that
      > > > he would prefer if you

      your grammer is bad. and I spoke to God today
      (um, or was that Stalin)

      > > > do not steal his works, though he suggests that
      > > > there are a number of
      > > > uncollected essays that he would not object to
      > > > posting.


      > > >
      > > > I have given him your email address (though you
      > > > courageously neglect to
      > > > include your name) but do not expect to hear from

      anyone who posts real personal information on net the without
      security verifications is just waiting to get ripped. LEARN.

      > > > him as he would prefer not
      > > > to be involved in an on-line debate. So, if you are

      obviously you didn't read the original msg. I asked for
      a one word response about it -- except for you people,
      it's not worthy of debate.

      > > > waiting for a "pgp
      > > > verification" before you respect your favorite

      why does pgp scare you all so much?

      > > > author's legal and moral
      > > > rights, I suggest that you would be better off
      > > > confronting him at one of his
      > > > public appearances (like tonight at Barnes & Noble,
      > > > Union Square N. @
      > > > 7:30pm) and just spitting in his face.

      only a coward would even suggest spitting in his face,

      you pigfucking armadillodicksucking Vogon whore
      (oops -- he started to get out)

      > > >
      > > > -Eric Solstein
    • steve
      ... I do apologize for my language the other day. That was not necessary. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get personalized
      Message 38 of 38 , Jun 5 7:29 AM
        --- Zvi Gilbert <zvi@...> wrote:
        > A gentle reminder from your list moderator:
        > This is a forum for discussion of SRD, his works,
        > and related topics.
        > No flames, please (I'll put it in the list charter,
        > if you feel there's a
        > need), and try to keep a lid on the insulting
        > language (caeterk@...
        > & everyone else). Personal invective doesn't belong
        > on this list.
        > Thank you,
        > --Zvi
        > zvi@...

        I do apologize for my language the other
        day. That was not necessary.

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