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Re: [delany-list] Delany reading list

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  • k yoss
    Another author he s blurbed on the darker side of literature is Brian Evenson. The Wavering Knife, These tales by a modern Poe occur under an immense
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      Another author he's blurbed on the darker side of literature is Brian Evenson. The Wavering Knife, "These tales by a modern Poe occur under an immense pressure of language, insight, and observation. Harrowing (Evenson makes us want to check the word's literal meaning) as they are, they take place just beyond the numbed moment where cruelty and craziness grow banal." -Samuel R. Delany, author of The Mad Man
      Numbing pieces with laughter as well as disgust.

      Ron Henry <ron.henry@...> wrote:
      On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:04:47 +0200, Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
      <larsi@...> wrote:
      > I'm out of sf books to read, so I thought "Hey, Delany has good
      > taste; perhaps I'll just buy all the books he recommends". The
      > problem seems to be that no such list actually exists.

      It's pretty safe to add anything by Theodore Sturgeon, particularly
      his excellent and very large body of short stories (start with the
      recent selected stories collection, probably); also, most of Thomas
      Disch pre-"On Wings of Song" novels and stories (particularly 334 and
      Camp Concentration -- recall that Delany wrote the book-length study
      "The American Shore" on Disch's story "Angouleme", which is part of
      334). I recall Delany wrote the intro for the Disch story collection
      Fundamental Disch too, which I imagine is long out of print but
      recommended highly nonetheless.

      Tangentially, there is also a positive Delany blurb on a book of
      poetry (N/O) by Ron Silliman, who has long been one of my favorite
      poets. There's also an intro by Delany in the recent novel Adrift in a
      Vanishing City, by Vincent Czyz.

      Culling ISfDb listings, which are not as useful for this as I had
      hoped, I see he has also written (based on titles) about these
      authors/works: modernist poet Hart Crane (who readers of Atlantis,
      Model 1921 will recall is a fictionalized character in that story); sf
      editor Judith Merril; cyberpunk godfather William Gibson; Philip K.
      Dick's novel _Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said_; and Joanna Russ's
      various Alyx books. (It's probably safe to say Delany would recommend
      any Russ.)

      There's also a Delany review of A.S. Byatt's Possession (the novel
      recently made into a so-so movie with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Memento
      guy) which I recall as being lukewarm when I read it many years ago --
      I remember having the impression he wanted to talk about the genre of
      the romance more than this particular novel (though it's a pretty
      famous novel, of course).
      Ron Henry

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