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2929RE: [delany-list] Re: Project Gutenberg

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  • Callum James
    Aug 20, 2006
      Hi Greg and one-an-all,

      I hope this will not be simply teaching grandmas to suck eggs but if it
      helps at all to clarify the bibliographical pedigree of the early texts...:


      Jewels of Aptor. First published by Ace Books, New York, 1962 as Ace Double
      F-173 (with James White's 'Second Ending')

      Second edition, "revised and expanded" Ace Books,
      New York, 1968

      Gollancz, London, 1968. Uses the text of the second
      Ace edition

      Sphere Books, London, 1971. "contains additional
      textual revisions"

      Gregg Press, Boston, 1976. Uses the text of the
      Sphere Books edition which Stephens describes as "Delany's preferred text"

      Then of course there comes the Bantam, Gollancz
      paperback, Gollancz Collectors editions and possibly others, some of which
      may have minor textual changes made in them, some of which may have been
      printed by offset lithography from earlier editions.


      'Captives of the Flame' First Edition. Ace Books, New York, 1963 as Ace
      Double F-199 (with Keith Brunner - pseud. John Bunner - 'The Psionic

      Sphere Books, London, 1968. Retitled, 'Out of the
      Dead City' (Stephens describes this as "Delany's original title") "Enlarged

      Ace Books, New York, n.d. (Ace 22643-4) uses the
      text of the Sphere edition and again Stephen's describes this as "Delany's
      preferred text"


      There's been precious little work done on SRD's bibliography since Stephens'
      checklist in 1992 (published by Ultramarine) and it's crying out to be
      updated. Also, I wouldn't put too much store in the comments made by
      Stephens about 'Delany's preferred this or that' not because I doubt his
      information at all but because there's been 12 years of more editions and
      possibly more changes since Stephens wrote. Also, as you are in touch with
      SRD all you have to do is ask - which it sounds like you are doing.

      Also, possibly of interest to you or to the person who eventually writes the
      introduction would be the passages in 'The Motion of Light in Water' in
      which Delany explains the evolution of the earliest forms of the text and
      how they had to be cut massively to fit the tight strictures of Ace's double

      Hope there's something of help in that. Other members of the list probably
      have the Peplow bibliography which almost certainly has more information...

      Keep well all,

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