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2921Re: [delany-list] Project Gutenberg

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  • Greg Weeks
    Aug 14, 2006
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      On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, zvi@... wrote:

      > I'm not very familiar with this so... Chip still holds copyright, but
      > granted permission to PG to reproduce the book?

      He's not done it in writing yet, but he's said he will. I don't anticipate
      problems with this. He gets quite a bit of editorial control over it, more
      than with a regular publisher.

      > Second, 'new introduction and bibliography'? Neat! Who is writing the
      > introduction and who is getting together the bibliography?

      That's not determined yet. I'll probably be pulling the bibliography
      together with whatever help I can get. If forced to I'll write the
      introduction, but I'd much rather talk somebody else into doing it that
      has more of a name in publishing. I've not tried talking anybody into it
      yet. A project like this for PG usually takes about a year. The longest
      I've worked on has taken over four and isn't done yet. I think there's
      still time.

      >> That's why I wanted to start a discussion here. One of the Bantam
      >> printings of 'Out of the Dead City' would probably be better than the Ace
      >> printings. The only copy I have is the really old Ace double.
      > I have (somewhere) the Fall of the Towers trilogy in the bantam edition
      > and I'm sure others do too.
      > I'm wondering if Chip or his agent are making a distinction between the
      > Ace volume (Captives of the Flame) and the Bantam-and-later volume (Out of
      > the Dead City) and are keeping one for pay and leaving the other for PG,
      > if you see what I mean. That probably needs to be clarified.

      I don't think so, he specifically mentioned using the Bantam editions. Once
      I figure out the specifics on what I want to use I'll run it past him.

      > It's a bit of a tease to just put one volume of a trilogy on PG. I wonder
      > if eventually we'll get all three...?

      You've not been watching Baen have you. Giving away the first volume in
      electronic form causes a pretty big pull affect on all three print
      volumes. If we can spark enough interest we might get it all back in
      print. I've had some success with the H. Beam Piper works.

      Greg Weeks
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