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2919Re: [delany-list] Project Gutenberg

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  • Greg Weeks
    Aug 14, 2006
      On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, zvi@... wrote:

      > Hi Greg, this sounds really interesting. My first question is 'Permission
      > from whom?' Chip?


      > Can you talk a bit about the rationale for putting it up? Who initiated
      > the discussion?

      I asked. I've been chasing down copyright information on SF books old
      enough to have renewal requirements for PG and these are the only two
      Delany works old enough to fall in my search. When I bumped into them I
      went ahead and asked since the telephone works fine. The telephone doesn't
      work very well for most of the other authors' works I've been researching.
      Estates and publishers are notorious for simply ignoring me. The two books
      I am going to put in are still under copyright, but a permission
      assignment is as good as public domain for PG. The new introduction and
      bibliography are to get as much advertising out of the freely available
      versions as possible.

      > 'Captives of the Flame' is the Ace title for the book that is 'really'
      > known as 'Out of the Dead City' (Fall of the Towers book 1), and I'm
      > wondering why it wouldn't be Gutenberged (is that a verb?) under that
      > name... and there may be textual differences between the two.

      I've been using the 'Captives of the Flame' title as it was the first
      title used. If we go with one of the newer printings where the title is
      'Out of the Dead City' we should use the newer title.

      That's why I wanted to start a discussion here. One of the Bantam
      printings of 'Out of the Dead City' would probably be better than the Ace
      printings. The only copy I have is the really old Ace double.

      >> I have permission to add "The Jewels of Aptor" and "Captives of the Flame"
      >> to Project Gutenberg. I'm wondering if anyone wants to help with the
      >> project, even to just discuss which version should be used as the base to
      >> convert. I think one of the later Ace printings of "Captives of the Flame"
      >> and one of the later Bantam printings of "The Jewels of Aptor" would be
      >> best. I don't have either, as I have early printings.
      >> I also want to include as complete a bibliography as I can and a new
      >> introduction.
      >> Anyone interested in this?

      Greg Weeks
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