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Re: DVX can't import Word 2003 files through Word 2010 correctly

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  • hello307
    Hi Gudmund! Thank you for the links, especially the Microsoft one. I ll try it when I have some time. I m really curious. Cheers, Chaoliang
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 24, 2012
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      Hi Gudmund!

      Thank you for the links, especially the Microsoft one. I'll try it when I have some time. I'm really curious.

      --- In dejavu-l@yahoogroups.com, Gudmund Areskoug <gudmundpublic@...> wrote:
      > On 2012-04-24 12:22, hello307 wrote:
      > > How I can tell DVX 1 to import from Word 2003 or 2010? Or does it do
      > > it choose automatically the right version in backgroud?
      > I can't remember for sure, but in my case, I think it stems from never
      > having uninstalled 2003.
      > > If I have one
      > > doc file and one docx file, how can I tell which version of word did
      > > DVX 1 use for importing/exporting?
      > I'm not quite sure, but what Windows considers to be the standard
      > application for the format is at least one thing (having the .doc
      > extension point to Word 2003 and the .docx to Word 2010).
      > Without the fix (which I have yet to perform), Windows can't see a
      > difference, because each Word versions seems to present itself as "the"
      > Microsoft Word.
      > With the fix, AFAIR, Windows "knows" there's a difference.
      > > Sorry for so many questions at one
      > > time. I searched last night for tipps about paralle installations. It
      > > seems to be no bis issue. But I'm not sure how DVX 1 will behave in
      > > this environment. GG said in the last used version of Office will be
      > > used by DVX. That could make everything even more complicated...
      > This may be so for now if you run them in parallel (I thought I had
      > checked which path is used somewhere, but I can't find anything now, so
      > I'm not so sure anymore), but it shouldn't be the case after performing
      > the fix.
      > Will try to find it.
      > Found this in my archives:
      > <http://confessionsofatechguru.blogspot.se/2007/10/dual-install-of-microsoft-office-2003.html>
      > <http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928091/en-gb>
      > Apart from this, I found solutions involving simply renaming the
      > winword.exe to something including the version name. I have a feeling it
      > isn't enough for DV and other things in the long run to do *just* that.
      > BR,
      > Gudmund
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