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Re: [deedsnotwordsd20] PP and Enhanced Abilities

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  • Palmer of the Turks
    ... I would say 4 EP = 1 Level of Burst. 1 Level of Burst = 1 PP = +4 to stat I d say that testing would need to be done, but having it cost more than 4 EP per
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 30, 2004
      On 30 Jun 2004, at 17:29, Orion wrote:

      > >>you're right. that's all totally screwy. 1PP/+4 you say?
      > >
      > > That was my thought... we can always work out more
      > > details later, but it's a good starting point IMO.
      > i wonder what we could pattern it on? the damage potential of Energy
      > Attack? the enhancement bonuses for feats? i know we've done this
      > before, but what is the standard EP to Bonus ratio?

      I would say 4 EP = 1 Level of Burst.
      1 Level of Burst = 1 PP = +4 to stat

      I'd say that testing would need to be done, but having it cost more than 4 EP per level
      would be very iffy... as it is, it's safe to assume that anyone taking it would have a 20
      in the base stat to begin with... meaning that a flat +4 to their stat from that point
      would cost 8 EP... or 4 EP for burst.
      Or we could graduate the cost like Enhanced Ability, for those people who want to
      have a 10 normally, but Burst up to high levels... because if the base stat is below 18,
      then a 4 EP for +4 stat Burst is a waste of EP.
      Tough call, but I think I'll stick by 4 EP.

      > > Now that I think about it, this same sort of thing
      > > could be used with Burst of Ability... making the
      > > cost Per Minute for non-combat applications.
      > that's good. that makes perfect sense. you use up
      > more energy in combat than wandering around for
      > shits and giggles. i think we can print that take.


      > i think we can rig it the same as the Flight enhancement.
      > hell, it's the same enhancement. now, there is *some*
      > contradiction in the fact taht Super-Speed alters Flight
      > speeds, so if you take Boost of Super Speed you can
      > use that for Flight. however, there are probably lots of
      > people who'd rather not have to buy into Super Speed,
      > and would just as well buy the enhancement for Flight,
      > so i think we're good.

      Yeah... have one version for Flight and one for Speed. Maybe make the Speed one
      less efficient for the same EP/PP, but it applies to speed on foot as well.
      Having one exclusively for Flight is important because not all characters would want
      Super Speed with their flight... most would be happy just buying a higher level of flight

      > > That may be a little expensive, PP-wise, though. Further analysis
      > > may be needed. It may come out that the best option is 2 EP for
      > > +2 multiple, and each +2 multiple costs 1 PP.
      > i'd go with this latter version. seems to split the difference on cost
      > fairness, and it's just a lot simpler to tally and remember.
      > you want to write this stuff up, or shall i?

      Go for it... you seem to do a fine job on the writeups, and I always get so distracted
      and behind on stuff

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