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Re: DNW conversions

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  • cryptosnark
    ... those ... They should still work just fine for 1.1-- the scales haven t shifted one little bit. ... much ... streamlined. I ve been exploring the Modern
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2003
      --- In deedsnotwordsd20@yahoogroups.com, "curtmeyer9"
      <curtmeyer9@a...> wrote:
      > I noticed in the "Old Stuff" folder in the list's files section a
      > file called "Marvel to DNW," or something like that. Any chance
      > conversion rules could be updated for DNW 1.1?

      They should still work just fine for 1.1-- the scales haven't shifted
      one little bit.

      >Also, has anyone given
      > any thought to how to convert DNW classes to d20 Modern? I
      > prefer the Modern system to the standard. It seems more

      I've been exploring the Modern system, ramping myself up to do
      some work with it, and I have some mixed feelings. I think the
      Basic Classes (Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, etc.) are fantastic.
      Some of the Advanced Classes are pretty cool, some are 'eh.' I
      think the Wealth and Reputation systems are both ugly kludges
      that make *my* ugly kludges in DNW 1.0 look positively
      ingenious. And I just don't buy the whole "a competent adult is
      about 7th level" line... IMHO, a 1st level character should
      represent a competent but relatively inexperienced adult (or
      near-adult). Sure, different paradigms for different games, but I
      always thought that D&D/D20 did just fine by setting the bar for
      "normal folks" really low rather than by redefining "competence"
      to be so far along the cycle of character development.

      Anyhow, I'm working on DNW Modern, which is... let's see... sixth
      in my freakin' backed-up list of things to do. My goal is absolute
      fidelity to the Modern system, so what I'm going to do is convert
      all 15 basic DNW classes and all 4 villain classes to 10-level
      Advanced Classes. After that, as far as I can tell, conversion will
      be a matter of crossing the Is and dotting the Ts in the minutiae
      of powers, spells, and feats.


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