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737RE: [deedsnotwordsd20] DNW & D20 Modern

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  • Scott Crosson\
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Ya know you could do it both ways. Both the advanced and basic calsses from
      d20 mod work in DNW.
      I like the basic classes in both. I have a Player that the Smart Hero works
      very well with his concept. There is not motch of a diffrence between DNW
      and D20 MOD. Mainly feats, skills, and equipment. The classes work, the
      powers for the most part, and the spells work. I woulden't mind buying a D20
      MOD DNW.

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      On 30 Nov 2002, at 16:52, Wm. Eric Downton wrote:

      > First, I know about DNW Modern, but I can't see buying it for the
      > simple fact that I already own Modern and DNW.
      > Second, just whether or not anyone feels that the adv. And reg. classes
      > would fit with DNW

      I like it the way it is, myself...

      Modern, you start out in an extremely basic and generic way, and
      develop into a specialized role.

      DNW classes, as they are now, are (mostly) less focussed than
      Adv. Classes... or are pretty specialized, but have very specific
      benefits (Mystic/Psion/Adept) which are kinda wanted and needed
      from the first moment if you want a decent level of development in
      the abilities it offers.

      10 levels of mystic isn't going to be that impressive, frankly.

      Besides... DNW is larger than life and heroic... I find having to start
      as a super basic character would really detract from that.

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