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  • cjtaylor01
    Jan 14, 2005

      Thanks for the quick reply, what I was thinking of was a
      character class based around a hero who is intensely training the
      powers and/or abilities they have. So instead of a good base attack
      bonus;a good save or class abilities, they get power points. You
      could then use this character class to role play someone discovering
      their powers, or an established character could take a level or two
      and put the ep's towards new tricks that they had learned with their
      powers (this is more common in super hero stories than a hero
      gaining new powers). Although I guess you could just up the
      experience tithe (if your GM agrees.)


      --- In deedsnotwordsd20@yahoogroups.com, Orion <okidder@t...> wrote:
      > A) Feats cost 2EP each. I think Scott clarified that through the
      > at some point. For the record: Feats are 2EP, Skills are 1EP/4
      > points, levels are 8EP each. When I run a one-shot game, for
      > I'll say to my players "You have 24EP to build a character."
      > B) The standard version of the system assumes that your character
      > his/her career with all the powers he/she will ever need (just
      like a
      > comicbook superhero). Within a D20 system, which is predicated on
      > idea that you get more abilities as you got, this can seem
      > counter-intuitive, but it's a way to match up with the superhero
      > A GM can always decide that he wants to give out a few EPs/level,
      > it's not part of the system, and unless it's an extremely low
      number of
      > EPs the game could get overpowered very, very quickly.
      > C) Any and all characters can have as many EPs as they want; this
      > the Experience Tithe. You take however many EPs you want, and then
      > have to devote half of your experience points towards paying off
      > debt. There's an Experience Tithe table you have to consult to see
      > much XP you owe the system (I don't recall the page number; you
      can look
      > it up). The idea is that if you take a low-powered character, that
      > character will progress in levesl WAY faster than a high-powered
      > character. NOtice, also, that the XP debt on the Tithe table is
      not a
      > flat line; it's a curve. 10EP doesn't cost you ten times as many
      XP as
      > 1EP; it's far, FAR more, in fact. This is how the system maintains
      > power balance AND gives players the ability to have a character
      like the
      > Blue Beetle standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Green Lantern/Guy
      > Next?
      > cjtaylor01 wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi everyone, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise in
      > > advance for asking something that may have been answerd in
      > > threads (although I havn't been able to find anything on these
      > > questions.)
      > >
      > >
      > > a) In the feats section it says that additional feats can be
      > > purchased with ep's but it doesn't say how many ep's a feat
      > > I'm assuming they cost 1 ep each is that right?
      > >
      > > b) are there any ways of gaining ep's after you initially put
      > > together your character without taking a tithe (like swapping
      out a
      > > feats for ep(s) or a class where you gain ep(s) at various
      > >
      > > c) under the heading for mutants it says they get 4 compensated
      > > but the Cyclops example it says Cyclops has 18, where did the
      > > 12 come from?
      > >
      > > Thanks.
      > > Chris.
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